Site Update: 22 December 2017

Remember last year, when I sat down right before the Christmas update and somehow cranked out a sweet and sexy 15,000-word novella without really meaning to? It happened again.

The caveat is that “The Christmas Ghost of FitzHardinge Manor” is not as, well, happy-go-lucky as “Secret Santa”. It’s darker—there’s rage and death in it, but also discovery and goofiness and snark and intense, transformative sex, too. So, there’s that. “Secret Santa” remains a favorite of mine, but “Christmas Ghost” was pretty cathartic to write, and may involve more chapters in the future where Thomas explores the new world that’s been laid out before him.

There’s other Christmas goodness today too, but check out the tag page itself—there’s a ton of holiday muscle, cock, and more strewn throughout the site.

Search page news: I revamped the code on the search page to add two new features. First, you can search for multiple tags without a keyword search. Second, you can now sort your search results by relevance, date, or views. Both of these were by request, but they should have been implemented a long time ago. Try it out, and let me know if you find any glitches!

Beyond that, thanks for visiting, and special thanks to my Patreon supporters. Without them I simply would not be sitting down and writing 14,500-word Christmas muscle transformation ghost stories when there’s so much else going on in my life.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and a fond and friendly happy new year to each and every one of you. Next update is in 2018!

This week’s new stuff:

  • The Christmas ghost of FitzHardinge Manor, Parts 1-2 by BRKXmas CGrow Cock Musc MGrow Supn Tf  A sometimes dark tale of a young man consigned to the guardianship of witches, only to be turned by a sex-starved, secrecy-obsessed sorcerer-suitor into a being unheard and unseen, capable of sharing the pleasure of touch, but bound to a single day of the year; and how from these ashes he rises to find what he can become in this new life that has been forced upon him.
  • The Alpha by ZielFur Cock Musc Tf  Harrison’s chance encounter with the creature that has been stalking the campus changes him in ways he’d never thought possible.
  • Angelo and Adrian, Part 4 by WordShopCGrow Grad Musc MGrow  In the lab, Angelo discovers to his dismay that he may have infected Adrian with his own mutagenic capabilities, though why this was possible and how exactly it might affect Adrian were still unclear. How could he tell his husband what had happened—and how would Adrian react?
  • Away game, Parts 1-2 by spacevladMusc MGrow Gut PSD Grow  College freshman Adam is the smallest guy on the football team. On an away game road trip, he gets paired up to room with Wyatt, the biggest offensive lineman on the team. Adam tries to control himself as they are forced to share a bed, but Wyatt’s massive body is hard to resist.
  • Bottom mega-alfa, Part 8 by JerkoffcentralCGrow Dom Hair Cock Musc MGrow Nonc Grow Were  The only thing Jonas wants more than to be fucked hard by the now-massive Noah is for Noah to grow even bigger while he does it.
  • Chuck, the size thief, Parts 15-16 by spacevladAbsorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow Viol  A helpless survivor of the apocalypse has an unfortunate encounter with Chuck, who has grown into a two-mile-tall, thick, powerful musclebear giant. In the conclusion, Chuck continues to grow as he finds one last power source to consume.
  • His cock gets huge, Parts 1-2 by Jack HardwoodCGrow Cum Balls Cock HyCock MGrow  Male model Pietro washes up on a remote island inhabited by a society of men where everyone wants their cock to be as big and fat as humanly possible. Pietro just wants to go home, but his almost constant boner is getting bigger and bigger, and he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be able to walk.
  • A miracle on 69th Street 2: Jingle bed rock by ZielXmas CGrow Cock HyCock Shr Series  After the events of “A Miracle on 69th Street”, Nick visits Kris’s home at the North Pole only to find out that there is a strange caveat for having visitors in the magical land.
  • The professor of reality by RdyRogerCGrow Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Max’s friend’s boss, the Professor, has been experimenting with making changes to reality, but when he tries to solve Max’s problems with his undersized equipment things get a little out of hand.
  • Summer research, Parts 10-12 by spacevladDumb Hair Giant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow Viol  Dave gets a visit from the IRB board and shows them Grunt, who is more than happy to show off his enormous size and strength. Unfortunately this causes problems. Grunt chases the IRB folks away after they threaten Dave and shows off his tremendous power. In the end, Grunt and Dave escape to the countryside where Grunt continues to grow and obey his master.

Posted: 22 December 2017

Site Update: 9 December 2017

Hey folks, sorry about the delay—I just wasn’t able to finish in time before I had to start worrying about by IRL Friday commitments, and I didn’t want to rush completion of the two new chapters of “The Revisualizer” I was working on for this update.

In fact both of my stories are by request from Patreon supporters—one a suggestion, and one a story commission from a high-tier patron. I have to admit I approach story commissions cautiously, but I’m very intrigued by these characters and this scenario, and I’m looking forward to developing the werebears of “Love/Shift” further in the weeks to come.

It’s snowing today here in New York, which has me thinking about cozy, wintery stories, Christmassy or otherwise. I’m hoping to be inspired along those lines toward a good Yuletide submission for the next update, which will be 22 December, and if any of you are itching to write and submit stories along those lines I’ll be happy to have them.

Cheers, and thanks for visiting.

This week’s new stuff:

  • Love/shift by BRKDad Hair Grad Musc MGrow Supn Wbear  Maxfield has very mixed feelings about leaving the city and all his tech behind to spend the summer after graduation halfway up a mountain in the family’s backwoods cabin—just him, his dad, and a whole lot of secrets.
  • The revisualizer, Parts 2-3 by BRKCGrow Hair Cock HyCock Musc MGrow NipCum Grow  Chad is loving his newly suckable monster cock, but his muscle twink boss rides him to keep the broadcast going. So Chad gets the announcer from the next shift in and starts him delivering content, acutely aware as he watches from the booth that there are still seven settings on the Revisualizer that he has yet to test out…
  • Angelo and Adrian, Parts 5-6 by WordShopCGrow Grad Musc MGrow  Angelo and Adrian enjoy a blissful honeymoon, which includes a lot of sex. Returning home to Laguna, they fuck even more, to the point that an exhausted and constantly riled Angelo starts to wonder—is there such a thing as too much sex? Just what, exactly, was happening to them both?
  • Bali encounter, Part 2 by LenZeligBi Het Cock Musc  Back home, the new additions to the family, Wayan and Kadek, continue to upend Pete and Lori’s world.
  • But I will do anything, Parts 2-3 by WordShopCGrow Hair Balls HyCock Immob Musc MGrow  The Benefactor has some surprises for Carlos. Allan and Red get into the act to get a very frenzied Carlos over the top, as Carlos and the rest of the guys get the first hint of how everything is going to change now that he’s joined them.
  • Chuck, the size thief, Parts 13-14 by spacevladAbsorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow Viol  Chuck visits a nuclear power plant in his hunger for growth, and he drains it for every bit of size he can get, shooting up to over 300 feet tall. The military tries to stop Chuck with a nuclear strike, but their plan backfires badly.
  • Huge changes: Book two, Part 2 by RdyRogerCGrow Hair Balls Cock Infect Musc MGrow Nonc PSD Grow Series  Affected by the “virus” Mason made up, David turns up huger than Mason would have dreamed. But Mason isn’t the only guy in the place drawn to David’s incredible physique and oversized equipment.
  • Hunger by PVnRTObj Dom Cock Hum Mind Nonc  A straight man realizes he’s gay in the bathroom and that he’s been hungry for cock all this time.
  • John the wizard, Parts 1-3 by RdyRogerCGrow Hair Cock Musc MGrow Grow Tall  John is a wizard and likes helping out his friends—usually in ways that involve none-too-subtle increases in height, equipment size, and muscle.
  • The Muscles Tech Hotel, Parts 5-6 by TonnyGiantGiant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Alex asserts his claim to Luke, triggering his own sudden growth. Luke and Alex go to live on the island of the giants, but Stan and the others are worried about how the world will react to 70-foot-tall alpha men roaming the world.
  • Onion Hill Manor, Part 5 by William AllenCGrow Giant Cock HyCock Immob XArm XLeg XLimb Musc MGrow Shr Grow 2Gay Tf  Alex is loving his newly muscled body, even if his boosted stamina and libido makes him hornier than ever. But catching Brian and Mitchell transformed for each other douses his self-delusions that everything before was just dreams and “allergic reactions”. Something is happening to them, and, like Aiden, he wants to know what it is.
  • Summer research, Parts 8-9 by spacevladDumb Hair Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Grunt, now 9 feet tall and built like an NFL lineman, fucks Dave, who may have bit off more than he can handle. Fortunately, all the musclebull wants is to make Dave as happy as possible—that, and to grow bigger and stronger.

Posted: 9 December 2017

Site Update: 24 November 2017

Hi folks! Hope you’re having a great holiday (Americans) / day (everyone else).

Today’s contribution is Parts 6-8 of Metaboi, comprising a continuous story involving new guy Pete, the boyfriend-in-waiting we met very briefly in Part 5, the Xanders and Kai, and some new characters. I was going to have something else for today as well, but this story ended up being rather bigger than I’d planned (11,000 words across those three chapters), and so the other stuff I had planned will have wait for next time.Posting these new chapters does mean I did end up having some Thanksgiving-related content, so that’s cool.

Apart from that, no news except that my external hard drive bit the dust this week, so I won’t be making any changes to the website code for a few weeks.

Next update is 8 December. Deep, heartfelt thanks to all my Patreon supporters, and to all of you visiting the site. All questions and comments welcomed, and thanks for stopping by.

This week’s new stuff:

  • Metaboi, Parts 6-8 by BRKSwap Cock Merg XAbs XArm XCock XHead XLimb XPec XTongue MGrow PSD Rep Stack Tksg Tall Series  Working the Thanksgiving holiday alone because of a store tradition, Pete is unnerved by a strange clanging noise from the basement, leading him to an encounter with a giant blacksmith, an elegant but randy stranger, the Xanders and Kai, and Pete’s very own soulmate.
  • Alien implants (revised), Parts 1-2 by WordShopCGrow Hair Cock Musc MGrow  Three twenty-year-old military brats have a close encounter that leaves behind unexpected surprises for them all. How do three young guys deal with something that they cannot even begin to explain or understand? Not to mention the very strange dreams…
  • Angelo and Adrian, Part 4 by WordShopMusc MGrow  Newly engaged Angelo and Adrian head back to southern California, learning more about each other even as their desperate physical need for each other increases.
  • Bali encounter by LenZeligBi Het Cock Musc  On a trip to Bali, a happily married couple, Pete and Lori, encounter a pair of irresistibly beautiful muscle twins named Wayan and Kadek, and then their family and friends… and things become deliciously complicated.
  • Chuck, the size thief, Parts 11-12 by spacevladAbsorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow Viol  Chuck, now a 15’ giant with a thick powerlifter build, confronts the cops and makes a shocking discovery that will help him grow even bigger. Chuck continues to grow more and more, and he swells into a massive giant. He fucks a building apart as his need for more only increases.
  • Jason’s big problem, Parts 46-49 by JovenBro CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Things get awkward at school where Jason runs into trouble with both his swim coach and one of his teachers thanks to his unruly cock. After school he gets a chance to meet up with Daniel and find out what happened to him at the doctor’s office, and the answer isn’t what Jason is expecting.
  • The Muscles Tech Hotel, Parts 3-4 by TonnyGiantGiant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Luke meets one of the owners and finds out just why everyone at the hotel is so glad to see him.
  • Onion Hill Manor, Part 4 by William AllenCGrow Cock HyCock Immob Musc MGrow Shr Grow Tf  A little strip poker leads Alex to an encounter with Edgar, who has more going on below the waist than expected. As Alex wonders what’s happening to them all, he learns Aiden is getting spooked as his probation period nears its end.
  • Summer research, Parts 6-7 by spacevladDumb Hair Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Grunt eats another big meal while Dave realizes just how much the big jock’s mind has degraded. Later, Dave checks on Grunt’s epic workout which leads to some sweaty dick sucking.
  • They came from outer space, Part 4 by WordShopBro CGrow Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow  With their parents away, the brothers are finally ready to try out their new playroom in the shed, while the alien life forms within them try to figure out how to bring them more pleasure.
  • Gooed friends, Part 4 by ZielCGrow Goo Hallow Cock XCock XLimb Grow Tent  Traveling for the first time together, Jackson and Gak decide to try something new: Giving Gak a Jackson-body of his own.

Posted: 24 November 2017

Site Update: 10 November 2017

Hey folks. Big update today! And two different kinds of stories from me. After I finished “The Winds of Brsa” and went to post it I realized I didn’t have any tags that really pertained. It has some muscle in it, but it’s not really about that. I settled on Fantasy, in the sense of your more lyrical kinds of fantasy door-stopper novels, but that’s not quite right either (most people on this site would expect the Fantasy tag to involve orcs or centaurs). Don’t worry, though, there will be the kinds of transformations I like to write about in future installments, and the tagging will get easier.

Much to my amazement, I have now reached thirty patrons on Patreon. This requires me to up my game, and I am equal to the challenge. If you like my work, there are all kinds of membership levels on my Patreon, from a simple greenback and up. The more patrons I have, the more I write—and all of it ends up here. I don’t do Patreon to keep some of my work secret. What Patreon does is give patrons access to mobile versions of my stories, and a chance to request scenes and stories at various levels. Beyond all that I am hugely grateful to my Patreon supporters and to all the visitors to my site. You make all the work that goes into writing my own stuff, editing the work submitted by contributors, and crafting and improving the code beyond worth it, no lie.

Next update: 24 November. Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! I want to see stories about this crazy week that we Americans make all our own through a devoted exhibition of all seven of those famous deadly sins. If you have a story, send it in! And once again, thanks for visiting! Put up your feet and sit a spell. I hope you like it here.

This week’s new stuff:

  • Oh man, Part 5 by BRKCGrow Cock Musc MGrow Rep Self  Slater wakes up gently fucking himself, as usual, but there’s something missing—José. And then José comes back to bed…after having spent some time on the computer.
  • The winds of Brsa by BRKFant  A traveling scholar unexpectedly finds a remote and unknown island, full of beauty in its people, its city, and its flora and fauna. Brsa is also full of secrets not to be shared with outlanders: some guarded, some lost to the ravages of time. Fortunately, the island of Brsa seems to like him.
  • Angelo and Adrian, Part 3 by WordShopMusc MGrow  Adrian and Angelo both discover that their feelings are far more intense that they’d anticipated, leading them to a momentous decision.
  • Chuck, the size thief, Parts 9-10 by spacevladAbsorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow  Chuck goes back to the gym and continues to grow, luring unsuspecting worshippers into the locker room to absorb their size… including Drew, an admirer in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Brant, a helpless swimmer.
  • grUV by quickquezzedCGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Self Grow  Friends go out clubbing by the water and make a hunky new friend, Brad, who likes to swim and looks great in just a red speedo. Brad has a secret that he hadn’t planned to show his new friend, but things soon get pleasantly out of hand.
  • The guinea pig, Parts 1-2 by WordShopCGrow Hair MGrow  A starving college student discovers a research program that offers pay in exchange to nutrient testing to improve the health of athletes and other students. But what happens if it works too well?
  • Hard body, Part 9 by Also Known AsCGrow Balls Cock Musc MGrow Grow Tf  John challenges Rafiq to recruit a hot young thing for their pleasure experiments, even as John and his doctor-lover realize that both their feelings and John’s abilities are still intensifying.
  • Jason’s big problem, Parts 42-45 by JovenBro CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  Nathan and Brandon deal with the consequences of having drunk a little too much of Jason’s growth-inducing seed. Meanwhile, Jason goes to see Dr. Meyers to turn his semen back to normal, not expecting the doctor having recruited an enthusiastic volunteer to help with the testing. When he returns home, Jason takes advantage of an opportunity to troll his brother and his shrunken junk.
  • Kiss me by ZboroFur CGrow Giant Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Damien and his straight best friend (and secret crush) Jack spend a night watching a cascade of shooting stars, joking about the wishes they’d make to be bigger if the whole “wishing on a star” thing were real. But when the stars start to whizz by overhead, all Damien and Jack care about is getting closer to each other.
  • The Muscles Tech Hotel, Parts 1-2 by TonnyGiantGiant Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Deciding to take a vacation, Luke happens across a listing for a hotel where the employees and the guests all seem to be gorgeous muscle giants. He registers immediately, wanting to be among men like that, but secretly yearning even more desperately to be just like them.
  • Onion Hill Manor, Part 3 by William AllenCGrow Cock Immob Musc MGrow Shr Grow Tf  Alex encounters another employee, Mac, that he used to know, this time from childhood. Mac is now freaky huge… and not quite as sold on Onion Hill Manor as the others Alex had met so far.
  • Sean goes to prison, Parts 15-17 by JovenCGrow Balls Cock MGrow Nonc Grow  His position as both bull and cow now secure, Sean is able to guide his friend and protégé, Jake, so that he becomes a cow impressive enough to make even the Warden happy. But as always, for Sean things at Stonehaven never stay good for long.
  • Summer research, Parts 4-5 by spacevladDumb Hair Cock Musc MGrow PSD Grow  Grunt moves in with Dave, and Dave cooks the huge young jock an epic breakfast. Grunt then has an equally epic workout, after which other needs arise.
  • Superhero license by Neltharion5CGrow Dom Cock Musc MGrow Gut Nonc Shr Grow Super  Gunner, a powerful superhero, is brought down by a delinquent hero license renewal. He has to be a sidekick for three randy heroes in order to regain his superhero status.
  • They came from outer space, Parts 2-3 by WordShopBro CGrow Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow  The brothers proceed with Morrie’s plan to secretly cultivate berries enhanced by the strange “powder” that had had such a profound affect on both of them after that meteor shower.

Posted: 10 November 2017

Site Update: 27 October 2017

Hey folks! Sorry the update is a little late today. I had a Patreon request I’d been sitting on, and the idea for how to do it only came to me this morning. And then the resulting story, “Conservation of Matt”, ended up being longer than I’d anticipated. Fortunately it was a blast to write—and I had to to get to the ending so we wouldn’t all be left hanging. 🙂

Anyway, hope you enjoy. A lot of good stuff this week. There are even two actual Halloween stories—including one from Ziel! A huge thanks to my Patreon sponsors and to all of you for visiting.

The next update is 10 November, but the one after that is Thanksgiving and I’m kind of excited. I’m really hoping we can put together a few really hot turkey-day stories for that one. If you feel inspired to write a T-day story with lots of muscle, cock, and extras, by all means I can’t wait to see it!

This week’s new stuff:

  • The blue daiquiri by BRKCGrow Cock XArm XCock XHead XLimb Musc MGrow Tall Series  Another artifact of the universe makes an appearance, this time at a loft party to celebrate the pilot Henry scripted, Ice City, going to series. If only Henry were having as much success figuring out his feelings for his sweet but ordinary-looking roommate, Gavin.
  • Conservation of Matt, Parts 1-3 by BRKHallow Musc MGrow Shr  Working his checkout line on Halloween, Brady, to his dismay, spots his least favorite person: Matt Lansing, the jerk who’d tormented him for being short and gay in high school. If only someone would cut that jerk down to size!
  • Hot as fire by Double-UCGrow Musc MGrow  Jackson is fed up with his volunteer firefighter dad spending so much time at the firehouse, seeing as how there were never any fires in Pinefield. Finally he psychs himself up to go down there and see for himself what’s really going on.
  • All good things, Parts 70-72 by Anon AmonBro CGrow Cum CumInf Balls Cock HyCock Infect Musc MGrow NipCum Twins  The twins’ mutual pique leads to a confrontation with Josh outside the museum, momentarily distracting them from Michael’s threat and the need to warn Josh’s dad. When his dad finally does hear the whole story, he’s reluctant to believe everything he thought about the statue was wrong.
  • Angelo and Adrian, Part 2 by WordShopMusc MGrow  Angelo and Adrian are nervous, each for their own reasons, but also intensely excited by the possibilities that were starting to reveal themselves now that they’ve both seen how compatible they are. Overcoming his anxieties, Adrian decides to join the huge bodybuilder in the shower.
  • Chuck, the size thief, Parts 7-8 by spacevladAbsorb Musc MGrow Gut MTheft Nonc PSD Grow  Chuck shows off at the gym then has some fun in the shower with an admirer, Mike. Chuck then drains all his size and grows bigger. Then Chuck visits Clint again and drains all the little guy’s got.
  • Greed demon, Part 2 by Marquis de RentCGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow PSD  Morning finds Landon getting used to his colossal new body—and the hunger and lust that comes with it. Meanwhile, Damon has to find Landon before he ends up is serious trouble for having lost track of his newly created incubus familiar.
  • Onion Hill Manor, Part 2 by William AllenCGrow Cock Musc MGrow Shr Grow Tf  Interviewing for a job opening at the Manor, Alex encounters another acquaintance from the past—ands like Brian, Colton is a good deal hotter and more built than Alex remembered.
  • Pria(plus) by ZielCGrow Balls Cock HyCock  Kieran’s friends tease him with a bottle of what the label claims are “Magic dick growing pills!” And, scoff thought he may, he does what any guy who’s slightly insecure about his package would do in such a situation.
  • Sean goes to prison, Parts 12-14 by JovenCGrow Balls Cock MGrow Nonc Grow  Sean’s first day as a bull involves a skittish young cow who needs some help producing more milk. Then things take an unexpected turn when the prison gets a batch of new arrivals—including Sean’s best friend and fellow miscreant, Jake. It’ll be up to Sean to show Jake the ropes, starting with an initiation Jake isn’t at all ready for.
  • Summer research, Parts 1-3 by spacevladDumb Hair Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Dave, an ambitious researcher at a well-known university, hires an eager-to-grow football player to test an experimental growth supplement. The experimental growth supplement works much better than anticipated and Grunt gains over 50 pounds in just a week, though with some troubling side-effects.
  • They came from outer space by WordShopBro CGrow Hair Balls Cock Musc MGrow  Playing with meteors can have strange side effects. Two young brothers living near a military base find themselves changing from exposure to meteorite dust.
  • Toil and trouble by ZielHallow Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow Grow  Wyatt and Jordan wander off the path at a haunted house and encounter a witch brewing up something just for them.
  • Too much to drink by STrRedWolfFur CGrow Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Rep Series  Drinking to excess is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed, unless you’re one of the lucky few who need a few kegs… and can stand to face yourself without a mirror.

Posted: 27 October 2017

Site Update: 13 October 2017

Hi folks! Hope you’re having a great October. I had a request from one of my Patreon supporters to continue “Twinning: The College Years”, and I ended up being glad he did—it was a lot of fun going back and exploring the deepening passion between Will and Kevin, while also not neglecting the other hot guys who happen to be orbiting their powerful attraction.

Suggestions? Fixes needed? I’m all ears. Just drop a line. And thanks again to all my my Patreon supporters—you really make it happen.

Next update: 27 October. Thank you all, and thanks for visiting and enjoying the site.

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 13 October 2017

Site Update: 29 September 2017

Hi folks! Not much to report this week other than two new stories I had a lot of fun writing. I’ve been meaning to write a story like “Joined” for a while—usually my multihead/conjoined stories are side-by-side or front-to-back, and I really wanted to explore doing it the way the guys end up in this story instead. I’ve also had a few conversations on Patreon and Discord that put these images in the front of my mind lately, and made it a top priority to get this particular fantasy out of my head and onto the site.

The “Magical Misuse” is a little more goofy. I wrote most of it a couple years ago, and just decided to finish it up this morning. You can take your pick of the social-media-star twins I modeled the Judson twins on (it’s sort of a mix of the two most famous pairs of twins you might be thinking of if you pay attention to such things).

Next update is 13 October. Huge thanks to all of you and to my patrons—I am so deeply grateful for all of your support and your help. Don’t forget to comment on the stories you like—give the authors feedback on their hard work. And thanks again for visiting, you’re awesome and I mean it.

Site Update: 15 September 2017

Hey folks! Hope you’re having a great September. I’m still juggling that big IRL project with the looming deadline, so “Johnny Pecs” was originally going to be all you were going to get this week—but then this morning I got up, ate breakfast, and without really meaning to pounded out a second story, “BodyReverence”, that had been nuzzling my randy id. I hope you like. And looking at that title I’m glad my site isn’t run off Wiki code any more, and I don’t have to worry about accidental invocation of camel case links. 🙂

I’m playing with the idea of themes for the weekly updates, just to see if I or anyone else is inspired by them. This week’s theme was “pecs”, and in addition to “Johnny Pecs” there are some pecs popping out here and there in the stories below.

Next update: 29 September, and the theme will be “legs”. Thanks for visiting, and deep heartfelt thanks to my Patreon supporters for their advice, requests, and support!

Site Update: 25 August 2017

As I noted in a Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook post earlier this week, at the nudging of a site visitor I’ve gone ahead and added a feature I’d been wanting to implement for a very long time: Jumping to a random story within a tag or within an author. This allows you to discover stories in your favorite genres without tripping across as many stories of other varieties that don’t interest you as much.

You can access this feature in two different ways: from the tag/author pages, and from the story pages. On each tag and author page there’s now a button that will take you to a random story with that tag or that’s by that author. And on each story page, the routers for each tag, in addition to the “next story” and “previous story” arrow glyphs, now also have a “random” glyph which will take you to a random story for that tag or author.

Don’t forget there’s also a “More like this” panel at the bottom of every story, to help you find other good tales with a tag profile similar to the one you’ve just read.

Happy browsing! Meanwhile, here’s this week’s stuff. Next update: 8 September. Thanks for visiting!

Site Update: 11 August 2017

Hi folks! So, first an apology. This week’s update contains only one story from me, “Super Hard Planet Champions”, despite my plans to write a second one about a four-armed masseur. Unfortunately I ran out of time, as I ended up spending most of Thursday reviewing a exceedingly non-smutty manuscript for submission to a possible publisher. Four-armed masseur guy just will have to cool his jets until next time.

I had some fun with the story I did write, though, which owed its inspiration to a reader request to work some Lycra into a story and my own sudden interest in erotically spoofing, very loosely, a certain television show (though actually my story ended up being very different). It’s also pretty long—at two parts it’s already over 10,000 words, so feel confident I’m not cheating you too much this week by having only the one story.

Huge thanks to my Patreon supporters—I lost some last month but gained some too, and I’m grateful to each and every one of you and to all the people that browse and enjoy Metabods. Let me know what you like. Rate your favorite stories! Post comments—let the authors hear what you think! If you like my stories, pledge your supportSend me feedback—and send me stories, too. Metabods is growing and evolving, which seems appropriate, and you’re all a part of that.

My Tumblr hit 3,000 followers this week. I have no idea what to think of that.

Okay, that’s all for this week. Enjoy the site. Next update: 25 August. Thanks for visiting!