Site Update: 2 February 2019

Every once in a while, some kind of fit comes over me and I have these three-day marathon writing sessions where a complete, almost novella-length smut-story forms in my head and I have to get it all out and into my computer no matter what. The one I remember most vividly was the one from two years ago that resulted in “Secret Santa” (15k words)—an exciting and very enjoyable ordeal. This time the final product turned out to be the “Four Jocks” story you were probably not expecting: “The Four Jocks: Knights of the Round Table.” And yes, they do play the Game, or an early medieval version of it, but there’s a lot more going on as well.

“Knights” ended up being even more massive than “Secret Santa” (5 parts, 18k words), but the nice thing about these bouts of must-get-it-written-itis is that this latest story, like “Santa”, has a beginning, a middle, and (most shockingly when it comes to my writing on this site) a conclusion. That’s one of the reasons I’m posting it all with this update rather than parceling it out: this is not a weekly serial kind of story. And I wanted to prove that I can actually end something I write here. I checked, and this is the second largest chunk of writing I’ve done in one go, after the first six chapters of “Among Us”; and since that one doesn’t, it’s the longest with an ending.

The story involves stock characters from what mytho-lit folks call “The Matter of Britain”, including Arthur, Merlin (who’s pretending to be another knight from the legend for this, named Sir Tor), Lancelot, and Gawain. The original legends and later revisions and reboots are so varied and contradictory that when writing about these fellows you’re almost forced add your own characterization; so I took some key elements associated with the characters and shaped them to work with the story I had in mind. It’s not based specifically on Geoffrey on Monmouth, Malory, T. H. White, or whoever else you might be thinking of; and though obviously having seen movies like Excalibur (highly recommended) and series like the BBC’s Merlin (tepidly recommended) will have conditioned my perception of these characters to a certain extent, for best results you probably should not be imagining Bradley James, Nigel Terry, Jamie Campbell Bower, Charlie Hunnam, Graham Chapman, or anyone else from a big or small screen adaptation as Arthur, and likewise down the character list. Fair warning. I mean, I understand it can be difficult not to think about Bradley James once you start (or Graham Chapman, for that matter, though perhaps for different reasons), but give it a shot.

There are anachronisms aplenty, but that’s part of the fun. Some are baked in and part of the mythos, like high-medieval stone castles and armor in early-medieval, pre-Anglo-Saxon Arthurland. The rest are stuff like modernistic banter and idiom, because, bottom line (and no pun intended there), this is about hunky hunks fancying each other.

This update is huge even without the knights, too. Lots of new stuff, including some unexpected treats. Check out the list of thirty-plus new chapters below and you’ll see what I mean. Don’t forget to comment and upvote the stories you enjoy, so the authors get some much-needed feedback.

Huge and humble thanks to my Patreon supporters. I received an influx of new patrons with the new year, and I’m so pleased to have you with us. Having solid supporters gives me the push not just to write and keep writing but to work on being a better writer than I used to be. The downside to that is some chagrin at my earliest stories, some of which are still on the site, but that’s a downside I can live with.

The next update is 16 February. In the meantime, thanks for visiting… and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 2 February 2019

Saturday Flashback: Cousins

There’s stuff about brothers, and even about dads. But what if you want just a smidge of family connection? For this week’s journey through the archive I decided to see which stories involve some cousin-on-cousin lovin’. (Note: some of these do also involve other forms of family interaction, so make sure to check the tags if you only want cousins.)

The update is next week, 2 February. Some good stuff is planned. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

This week’s stuff:

  • The Christmas ghost of FitzHardinge Manor by BRKXmas CGrow Cock Immort Invis Merm Musc MGrow Grow Supn Tf Viol  A sometimes dark tale of a young man consigned to the guardianship of witches, only to be turned by a sex-starved, secrecy-obsessed sorcerer-suitor into a being unheard and unseen, capable of sharing the pleasure of touch, but bound to a single day of the year; and how from these ashes he rises to find what he can become in this new life that has been forced upon him.
  • Hard to hide by BRKCGrow Cock Merg Musc MGrow  Jooyong is working his uncle’s demolition site when he encounters a man in need of protection, but it’s more complicated than your average plea for help. For one thing, the man who needs help is not an ordinary man. And the kind of help he needs is something Jooyong isn’t even a little prepared for.
  • Mutation, Part 4 by BRKCGrow 4Legs Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLeg XLimb XPec Rep Stack 3Legs  Vince’s hypercocks have grown so out of control, they’ve spilled out of his his third-floor bedroom and are actually blocking the doorway to his cousin Cal’s bedroom—much to Cal’s annoyance.
  • Training Tony by BRKBACock CGrow Cock HyCock XCock Musc 2Gay  New story involving a magnetically sexy young Italian man who’s about to be a firefighter, except he and his devoted friends are sidetracked by the disappearance of his friend Frankie.
  • Bound to ben by TFWizardMusc MGrow  David and Ben are friends and cousins, but while David is athletic and likes working out, Ben hasn’t had the drive to keep himself fit. That changes when David gets put in charge of Ben’s body.
  • Company guys by FanTCManCGrow Dad Hair Cock Musc MGrow  You can’t even imagine how excited Joey and I were, excited and scared, when Dad said he was going to give us the formula he’d been sampling. We were going to be models for what he called the Company.
  • Possession by erotic wordsmithMind  Seth’s gift for astral travel lets him land in other people’s bodies. His bigger, meaner cousin Ben’s, for example.
  • The salt, Part 5 by RdyRogerBro CGrow Taller Grad Cock Musc MGrow Grow Series  Cousin Greg from the UK comes to visit, and quickly becomes a new source of temptation for Trav.
  • Space clones by Josh Dugan4Legs XArm XLimb Rep  A brilliant cousin, like his spaceship, is full of himself, but there’s room for one more.
  • Spice, Part 22 by Mr. X and Mad DogCGrow Grad Cock Musc MGrow Grow  Dan’s cousin Phil comes to visit and is pretty amazed to see how big the teen hunk has gotten.
  • Stupid cupid, Part 7 by baboonfanFant Musc MGrow Grow Vamp Were Wings  Lucas’s cousin Miles reluctantly agrees to come to the monster barbecue.

Posted: 26 January 2019

Saturday Flashback: He’s Got Legs

I love to admire strong, masculine legs—gym-grown and firm, dusted with a bit of hair, emerging from a pair of loose shorts or hugged by soft, dark jeans. Manly legs are fantastic. But I will admit that when it comes to my stories, while I spend a lot of time appreciating what’s going on between them, legs themselves sometimes get short shrift from me (especially when there’s only two of them). My attention always tends to drift from a guy’s junk, up those long, carved abs to… Ugh! See what I mean?

For this week’s archive trawl I tried to find stories that take at least a moment and, amidst all the other meta goodness, spend a little time appreciating long, beautiful legs, sculpted thighs, diamond calves, and all the rest of the noncrotch below-the-waist hotness a meta guy has to offer.

No update this week, as promised! I feel bad, but the good news is I’m making mad progress on my big non-sexy writing project. The next update will be 2 February. As always, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 19 January 2019

Saturday Flashback: January 2014

This week’s flashback takes us back five years, to January 2014. The big news back then was that Also Known As (a.k.a. AKA) gave me the go-ahead to post all the stories of his on Metabods that I hadn’t posted already, including the whole run of the Transform series, sequels, and side stories as well as a whole lot more. I’ve listed a few representative stories below as part of this throwback post, but really you need to check out his author page to appreciate just how prolific he’s been with all the hot, hung, and very randy men he’s produced over the years. Unfortunately, I uploaded all that material in one giant surge back then, and some of those stories got lost in the mix and may need a little more love.

As noted in the previous update I’ll be on sabbatical next week because of a non-smutty writing deadline (though there will be a flashback), so the next update will be 2 February. As always, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 12 January 2019

Site Update: 5 January 2019

Happy new year, everyone! I did manage to write two seriously hefty stories this week; but the first of these, “The Misadventures of Joe Hypercock” (parts 1 and 2), was my year-end thank-you to patrons and can be found over on my Patreon page. If you’re a patron, or you’re interested in becoming one and giving my writing a boost, you can check it out at

The other new material from me this week is parts 6 and 7 of “Flashmob”. I enjoyed diving back into this one and finding some new angles. There’s also some great stuff from our contributors this week—including an unexpected revival.

The next update will be… well, the truth is I’m skipping the 19 January update. I’m actually taking a brief sabbatical this January from both my jobs and Metabods, in order to focus on my fourth persona—who happens to be a nonfiction writer with a big deadline looming very, very soon. So I’m not going to be doing anything but that for a few weeks, but regular updates will resume on 2 February. In the meantime I will post Saturday flashbacks every week as usual, and, just to make it up to everyone, I’ll have a special, extra, unannounced update in addition to my usual ones sometime later this year.

Beyond that, all I have left to say is… enjoy the site, and thanks for visiting!

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 5 January 2019

Site Update: 22 December 2018

Having delivered on both my goals for this week—big new chapters for both “The Christmas Ghost” and “Love/Shift”—I have only to say merry Christmas (as applicable), happy holidays (to all), and a joyous new year (a plea to any deity that’s listening). May 2019 be much, much, much, much better for you and for us all than 2018 has been.

Next update: 5 January. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 22 December 2018

Site Update: 8 December 2018

Apologies for having had to postpone the site update, but the upside of the week’s delay is that the mess of new stuff I’m posting today is pretty massive, with lots of different kinds of stories from writers both new and familiar. Have fun exploring, and don’t forget to upvote and comment on the stories you like—it’s really beneficial to all of our contributors (myself included), but new writers especially appreciate feedback on the stories they share with us here.

My own contributions this week are both Patreon-driven. “Metatation” is a commission from a patron who wanted to explore how the deep insights derived from meditation, yoga, and some special cannabis might lead to understanding of the malleability of the physical form. I’ve explored some of these themes before, and it was a lot of fun to build those kinds of possibilities around Connor and his new friends. And “Swap Meat” was a vignette request that I built up into a short chapter, involving two lovers whose changes affect each other.

As noted earlier in the week, today will mark my last posts on Tumblr, as I’ll be closing my account for good. It seems Jeff D’Onofrio doesn’t want penises in his world, but white supremacists are a-okay. Well, he knows where he can stick them both.

The next site update will be 22 December… and that means it’s time both for “Love/Shift” (where we should see a major turning point leading to the story climax) and, yes, a visit with “The Christmas Ghost of FitzHardinge Manor” and his friends. I’m also planning a new story just for Patreon subscribers for the end of the month, as a special thank you—more on that to come.

In the meantime, love with your h—dang it, I mean, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site! (Note to self: make New Year’s resolution to come up with a better sign-off catch-phrase.) Seriously, though, thanks for everything, and have fun.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 8 December 2018

Leaving Tumblr as of 8 December

Tumblr’s recent terms-of-service announcement has made it clear that their community no longer welcomes writers and artists whose work involves erotica (though white nationalism is still okay, evidently). As the entirely of my output involves erotica, it’s clear that I am one of the undesirables Jeff D’Onofrio and company are seeking to purge in order to create a better, more wholesome Tumblr (that still includes virulent hate). America in the 2010s, so closed-minded to some things and so willfully deaf and blind to others.

My last post before closing my Tumblr account for good will be the site update announcement scheduled for Saturday, 8 December.

Though I’ve enjoyed using Tumblr to reblog images of interest to me and to occasionally post my own morphs, my original purpose in creating the Tumblr channel, along with my Twitter account and Facebook page, was as a way to alert people to new content on the site. I’ll still be doing that on Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon, and people can also get notified of updates via RSS and email pokes you can sign up for on the main site.  Other platforms, including the possibility of a Discord server, may manifest in the near future.

My other reason for setting up on Tumblr was to provide an access point for folks to ask me questions or tell me things I should know. Twitter works for that, too. Tweet me or DM me there, or use the contact form on the main site.

If things continue as they are, of course, eventually they’ll come for my Twitter, and then for my site, and then for me. But I’ll never stop being who I am.

Thanks for all the follows and—to all the fantastic erotic artists and writers I’ve followed there—thanks for sharing your awesome content with us. I’ll miss that place.