Leaving Tumblr as of 8 December

Tumblr’s recent terms-of-service announcement has made it clear that their community no longer welcomes writers and artists whose work involves erotica (though white nationalism is still okay, evidently). As the entirely of my output involves erotica, it’s clear that I am one of the undesirables Jeff D’Onofrio and company are seeking to purge in order to create a better, more wholesome Tumblr (that still includes virulent hate). America in the 2010s, so closed-minded to some things and so willfully deaf and blind to others.

My last post before closing my Tumblr account for good will be the site update announcement scheduled for Saturday, 8 December.

Though I’ve enjoyed using Tumblr to reblog images of interest to me and to occasionally post my own morphs, my original purpose in creating the Tumblr channel, along with my Twitter account and Facebook page, was as a way to alert people to new content on the site. I’ll still be doing that on Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon, and people can also get notified of updates via RSS and email pokes you can sign up for on the main site.  Other platforms, including the possibility of a Discord server, may manifest in the near future.

My other reason for setting up on Tumblr was to provide an access point for folks to ask me questions or tell me things I should know. Twitter works for that, too. Tweet me or DM me there, or use the contact form on the main site.

If things continue as they are, of course, eventually they’ll come for my Twitter, and then for my site, and then for me. But I’ll never stop being who I am.

Thanks for all the follows and—to all the fantastic erotic artists and writers I’ve followed there—thanks for sharing your awesome content with us. I’ll miss that place.