Friday Flashback: The Unsurfaced, Part 1

For this week’s itineration through our interned inventory of indecent intimations, I’ve collected a sampling of the Unsurfaced: well-regarded and well-viewed stories that have so far fallen through the cracks for past Flashbacks. Part of the point of the Flashbacks is to gain exposure for stories folks like that live in the archives and might not get seen much apart from people who like to surf the random button or revisit their favorites, and doing Flashbacks by theme can end up bypassing a lot of stories that don’t have the kinds of unusual elements or gimmicks that give them a neon “pick me” sign when I trawl for Flashback theme matches. So I’m going to do stuff like this periodically, too.

The method (if you’re interested): I started with a data crunch, pulling a list of stories that had never been surfaced in a Flashback post from the middle third of the archives by total views (the top third can take care of itself, I figured), last updated 6 or more years ago, with 4+ stars and 5 or more votes. From these I picked ten stories from the top 20 results as ordered by votes and views. It was an interesting SQL/Excel exercise, if nothing else. Hope you find something interesting. (Coincidentally, one of the hits turned out to be Josef Howard’s “Fun with Math,” which I fondly remember as being an early favorite of my own, back in the day.)

The next update is tomorrow, 18 September. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 17 September 2021  

This week’s flashback:

  • If only by BRK  Cock XCock Rep Sugg Tf   Steve hasn’t noticed yet how the world shifts a little every time he says “if only”. That’s okay.
  • Supplement by BRK  Cock HyCum XCock   Those vitamin pills in your roommate’s cabinet aren’t necessarily what you think they are.
  • Biking buddies by Eric Aaldersen  Cock Musc   Simon and Adam enjoy racing their bikes through the countryside together, Adam getting extra enjoyment from watching Simon’s ass as he rides ahead of him on the trail. This time, Adam gets to do more than just look.
  • Centaur mania by Josh Dugan  Cent Cock Llegs XCock XLeg XLimb   How come it’s the mad geniuses who get to have all the fun?
  • Discogrowphy by Ziel  CockUp Balls HyCock Nude SizeUp   In his first Patreon bonus mini-fic, Ziel indulges in this month’s theme: “Hyper Macro Twink.” As the author explains, “Lots of clothes-bursty growy goodness ensues as well as lots of hot ’n’ sloppy macro sizeplay. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to add some exhibitionism in there because, really, if you’re a hot ’n’ hung titan, who wouldn’t want to strut their stuff?”
  • Fun with math by Josef Howard  CockUp Balls Cock MuscUp Musc SizeDn SizeUp   Todd’s lusting admiration for his well-built math prof leads to some after-class lessons—and some surprisingly effective equations relating to size and muscle.
  • Growing closer by Chance Micheals  Bro CockUp Cock Inc MuscUp Musc   Spying on Luke, the object of his lust, young Gareth discovers that Luke is even more special than he thought—and then Luke’s brother shows up.
  • The hotel room by Animus  Swap   A stolen pair of undershorts leads unexpectedly to Taylor taking over someone else’s life.
  • Muscle memory by LuvsMusl  Weed MuscUp Musc   After an infection damages his memory Cody starts getting bigger at the gym, pushing himself to get as big as he seems to remember he used to be. Only his memory is playing tricks on him, and Cody’s admiring muscle hunk roommate Mike, too.
  • An officer’s odyssey by Alexander Wolf  Cock Musc   Late in his patrol, Alex responds to a call about an abandoned truck near some treacherous caverns—only to find a very large being named Hephaestion looking for a way out of the prison to which he was consigned by the Fates.