Friday Flashback: September 2017

For this lark into the leviathanic loot left by our legendary and lascivious lust-laborers, I’ve collected ten lovely postings from September of 2017. Lots of interesting stuff going on that month, and I’m confident you’ll find something to enjoy. As you browse be sure to help others will find the stories you think are worth finding by commenting and upvoting the stories you like. If you have any stories that you want to contribute and maybe have commemorated four years from now in a post just like this one, by all means drop me a line.

The next update is tomorrow, 4 September. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 3 September 2021

This week’s flashback:

  • BodyReverence by BRK  App Cock XCock MuscUp Musc   Kevin finds out about an app that allows its subscribers to touch its handsome, muscular models with a new kind of virtual technology. His buddies are psyched to get in on the touching… but Kevin, who’s been getting more and more admiration for his looks and the body he’s sculpted for himself, realizes he wants to be appreciated with more than just yearning gazes and salacious comments. He wants to be touched.
  • Johnny Pecs by BRK  CockUp Cock Musc Tf   Unexpectedly inheriting part of an island estate off the coast of Maine, Kent travels there to assess his options. On arriving in Glen Rush, he meets the young caretaker—a handsome stunner who’s acquired, with some justification, the nickname “Johnny Pecs”.
  • Joined by BRK  CockUp XDig Taller Cock Merg XCock XHead XTongue XTorso MuscUp Musc Nonc Rep SizeUp   Dylan wakes up kissing an incredibly beautiful man he’s never met before, and finds that he’s more connected to this man than any lover he’s ever had.
  • All good things, Part 64 by Anon Amon  Bro CockUp CumInf Balls Cock HyCock HyCum Immob Inc Infect MuscUp Musc NipCum 2Gay Twins   Michael finally reveals himself, having attained Level 5 and more hungry than ever to grow huge—and for his best friend to grow with him.
  • But I will do anything by WordShop  CockUp Hairier Balls HyCock Immob MuscUp Musc   Twenty-two-year-old Carlos is handsome, charming, and a great looker, but with self-doubts over a lithe lean body when he always wanted muscle. So he places an ad in a personals column looking for the trainer who could mold him. Be careful what you wish for…
  • Sean goes to prison, Part 7 by Joven  CockUp CumMilking Balls Cock MuscUp Nonc Bond SizeUp 2Gay   His balls now far bigger than anyone else’s, Sean deals with the attention he’s getting from the other boys, especially his new milker. Then comes the mandatory workouts that are the direct result of the warden’s new interest in him. Fortunately, there’s a hot tub to sink into in afterwards, and a hot fellow prisoner eager to help him relax.
  • Spare by Double-U  Suit MuscUp Musc   Dan, a muscular football jock, attempts to recruit his friend, Tom, for a football tournament after his team ends up short a man. When Tom declines, pleading a lack of skill and stamina, Dan offers Tom something that he ultimately can’t refuse.
  • 1313 Raven Lane (revised) by WordShop  CockUp Hairier Ghost Hallow Cock MuscUp Musc Nonc SizeUp   Two young guys find themselves in trouble on Halloween night after a party. They hide in an old house with the reputation of being haunted. We don’t believe in haunted houses, now do we?
  • The transform center, Part 6 by Zboro  Scaly Dragon Fly Cock 2Animal HyCock XBalls XArms XCock XLimb Musc Rep 6Legs Tf DeeperVoice Wings   As Seb enters the fifth room, everything builds to a climax—in the room and in the secret control center as well—as Seb finally learns the secret of the Transform Center.