Friday Flashback: January 2016

The Flashbacks are moving back to Fridays, and the plan is to have a Flashback every Friday browsing past stories, and a site update with new stories every Saturday. This week: a look back at January 2016, five years ago. There are definitely some worthy stories here, and a couple I had clean forgotten about.

Next update is tomorrow, 9 January. Thanks for visiting, everybody, and enjoy the site!

Posted: 8 January 2021

This week’s flashback:

  • New neighbors by BRK  AgeDiff Dad Cock XCock   Jimmy is starting to enjoy his first summer with his newly acquired wishpower when a very sexy couple moves in next door. The only trouble is, Jimmy doesn’t immediately recognize the true nature of their relationship, and by the time he does, it’s already too late.
  • The trouble with Jason by BRK  XArm XLimb XPec Musc   Joey is feeling a little overstimulated by all the competing transformations his hot friend and coworker, Jason, is being given by their bosses—especially since Jason himself not only is completely clueless that he’s being changed at all, but seems to flirt without knowing it, too.
  • Alex in Wonderland by Anarchy A  CGrow Balls Cock HyCock Cum HMusc MGrow Musc Shr Grow   Alex follows mysterious man into a forest, and quickly finds himself in a strange new world, deep below the ground.
  • Bound together by NBCK99  XArm XCock XLimb MGrow Musc Grow   When you have the ability to “push” people to be bigger and hotter, and not a lot of self-control, a really cute repairman can be a challenge—especially if things don’t go quite the way they’re supposed to.
  • Breaking big by Ziel  CGrow HyCock   Tim had the bright idea to craft a special serum that would boost the size of his painfully average dick in order to show off and hopefully woo one or both of his crushes, and it worked! Oh boy, did it work, but things take a turn for the extreme when Tim’s growth reaches extremes he’d never dreamed of, and then there’s the issue of Tim’s two crushes…
  • Josh’s genie, Part 4 by Anarchy A  Cock MGrow Musc Grow   Josh decides to wish to be able to make other guys grow, except he forgets to specify how—which means it’s up to the genie.
  • Magic markers by TylerGermany  MGrow Musc Grow Vore   A trip to an adventure park turns out more exciting than expected with the help of a prize that’s imbued with some very interesting magic.
  • My roommate, Part 3 by LenZelig  AgeDiff Bi Bro CGrow Dom Dad Virgin Het Cock Mind MGrow Musc   So evidently, all this time the version of this classic story by LenZelig posted here has been missing the middle Part of Bill’s hot adventures with his irresistible sex-god of a roommate, Andy Wang. The author was kind enough to provide it for us, so here it is, in all its glory.
  • Public relations, Part 7 by Maximilian  CGrow Viol Hair Taller Giant Cock HyCock Cum MGrow Gut Musc PSD Bond Shr Grow   Brent’s bummed over the way things are going, especially the way his teammates treat him for being gay, but Nate finds a way to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Jamie and Adam work through Jamie’s need to be bigger all the time, even in public.
  • Visiting home by Wicked  AgeDiff Dad Cock Infect MGrow Musc Grow   Asher spent his entire first semester working out and gaining some serious muscle, but when he returns home for winter break, he doesn’t realize that he’ll be the one amazed by how much someone can change.
  • Wheel of fortune by Seth Peterson  CGrow Cock HyCock MGrow Musc Grow   One wheel. Limitless possibilities. Infinite sex.