Friday Flashback: Cummencement Day

For this week’s expedition through the fabled storylands of the Lost Continent of the Archives, I’ve collected ten tales that hinge on graduation ceremonies in one fashion or another. As the transition-point between the artificially insular academic world and the new realities to come, commencement always seems to seem like a moment between the two, possessing both unreality and mundanity and belonging to neither. It reminds me of Hekate, goddess of magic, who bridges the borderlands between the mortal veil and the domains of the gods, partaking of both and beholden to neither. It’s a good place, in other words, for a bit of fantasy on the way to other things.

The next update is tomorrow, 29 May. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

Posted: 28 May 2021

This week’s flashback:

  • Among us by BRK  Alien Amputation Cock 2Animal Mind Musc Were   Nathan Yates is an ordinary boy who’s just graduated from high school and whose biggest concern in life in trying to figure out why the hottest guy in school is making passes at him. That is, until he’s thrown into a story he knows intimately from his favorite cult graphic novels, and becomes embroiled in a conflict that reaches across worlds and universes.
  • Love/shift by BRK  AgeDiff NoShirts Dad Hairier Grad Scent MuscUp Musc SizeUp Supn Tf Wbear   Maxfield has very mixed feelings about leaving the city and all his tech behind to spend the summer after graduation halfway up a mountain in the family’s backwoods cabin—just him, his dad, and a whole lot of secrets.
  • The bet by JayPat  MuscUp Musc SizeUp   A simple operation can turn you into a hunk as hot as the football players you dream about. Do you even ask what the downside is?
  • Brandon’s bro by FanTCMan  Bro CockUp Hairier Cock MuscUp Musc   Brandon initiates his brother onto a secret society of guys who are being made more and more muscular, hung, and sexy.
  • First big date by Peterbilt  AgeDiff CockUp Dad Virgin Cock Musc   Football star Jason comes home from his first big date and ends up having a heart-to-heart with his dad.
  • Graduation party by Jefftaur  Btaur 4Legs XAbs XArms XCock XLeg XLimb MuscUp Musc   Steve and the rest of his friends have a huge graduation dance party. It’s already a blast even before the “novelty cup challenge” starts the guys chugging some special boytaur-making beer.
  • Just a little bigger by Dream Big  Bi BreastUp CockUp Taller Grad Het Cock MuscUp Musc Self Tf   Drew has two problems: he’s got a crush on his two best friends, Vic and Sarah, and he’s self-conscious about being short and skinny. He’s not prepared for the changes that develop in both departments on their fateful post-graduation trip to New York City.
  • Senior year by Richard Jasper  Grad Het Cock MuscUp Musc   Henry is a 6’2”, 140-pound beanpole. Charles, his best friend from childhood, is a 5’11, 200-pound stud. They have big plans for their senior year of high school!
  • Transform: Commencement day by Also Known As  Cock HyPher MuscUp Musc SizeUp   The boys in the Muscle Club are finally ready to walk, and their graduation ends up just as rule-breaking and hypermasculine as everything else about them.
  • What happened by Dream Big  Bi CockUp Cock MuscUp Musc Tf   When Daniel meets up after college graduation with his high school friends Chris and Jane for a beach vacation, it turns out Chris has some important news: first, he’s into both of them, and second, he’s got access to his family’s secret body transformation serum, and he’s willing to share.