Site Update: 20 January 2017

Consumer note: No one in any of the following stories is orange.

I wrote a new story again for this update! It’s for a very specific thing I have—no, I don’t mean mouthcock. Okay, I do mean mouthcock, but what I really mean is hot sex mixed with sappy. You have been warned.

I’ve been busy with IRL stuff this month so I don’t have much to report on the site. My Tumblr has 1,990 followers at the moment, which means once again we’re at one of those almost-there points that makes you think of Homer Simpson pumping gasoline. My Patreon pledges are at $164, which is inspiring me to write more than ever before. Patrons pledging over $15 can ask questions that I’ll answer with brief vignettes (like Ziel does), or, if I’m really feeling it, a story chapter (as with last update’s continuation of “The Box”).

Next update: 3 February. See you then, and thanks for visiting.

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 20 January 2017

Site Update: 6 January 2017

Happy new year, everyone! It so happens that 2017 is the twentieth anniversary year for this strange and glorious website. It all started in 1997 when I decided to set up my own place on the web for stories I wrote and stories I liked, and now I’m … well, I’m a little bemused that it’s still going strong. But I’m delighted that folks are finding stuff they like here, especially stuff that’s a little unusual and hard to find, and I honestly enjoy writing stories for Metabods more than ever.

My contribution this week, appropriately enough, is a resurrection of one of my oldest stories, a continuation of something I first wrote and posted back in late 2002. It’s actually a Patreon request—anyone pledging over a certain amount on Patreon can prompt me to write a brief vignette on a past story or the themes I tend to write about, and in this case I couldn’t stop at only a few hundred words. But I love that the first post of the 20th anniversary year includes building on a story from over 14 years ago.

There are a couple more throwbacks in this update—the FanTCman story is a classic that should have been posted here back when it was first written, but there are a few of his that fell through the cracks that I’ll be adding in over the coming weeks. The Josh Dugan centaur/hextaur story is also an older story that I somehow missed, but which is back here where it belongs, seeing as how Josh was the writer who first inspired me to submit my multilimb fantasies two decades ago. (The Nifty archivist’s aggrieved reaction to having a second author submitting multilimbed-themed stories was the direct precipitator of this site.) The second chapter of “A New Coffee” was also written and translated from the French a while ago. (The original French version is on the author’s Facebook page.) There’s also a smaller throwback to my last update two weeks ago, just before the holidays, as not one but two of the stories below are belated Christmas-themed adventures.

You may have noticed the new logo, with its understated reference to the 20th anniversary. There will be other celebratory stuff later in the year, so stay tuned. (I’m trying to imagine what a 20th anniversary special story should be like, but all that’s coming to me so far is me meeting up with four of my previous incarnations to fight Cybermen and a Raston warrior robot in the Gallifreyan Death Zone… Don’t worry, I’ll keep thinking.)

Next update will be Friday, 20 January (and no, it will not be Trump themed). See you then!

This week’s new stuff:

Site Update: 23 December 2016

Okay, I swear to Saturn, the story I was writing for this week was supposed to be a simple, wacky transformation story, just a bunch of guys sitting around getting tf’ed, right? But beyond all explanation “Secret Santa” ended up swelling like an growth-serum-overdosed hypercock. I sat down Thursday morning totally planning to write a simple little story, and instead between yesterday and today I somehow ended up writing a fucking 15,000-word novella.

The good news is I had fun writing it, so, if you don’t like it—too bad, I had a blast. And it’s holiday themed (as cunningly revealed in the title), so with this and a few other holly and mistletoe-bedecked submissions I achieved my goal of the 23 December update being all nice and festive this year.

Note: Not all of the stories below are Christmas or holiday-themed, but those that are are appropriately tagged. (Want more Metabods Christmas? Here’s the whole sack.)

Next update: Friday, 6 January. In the meantime, I hope you all have safe and pleasant holidays, wherever you are. See you in 2017!

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 23 December 2016

Side note: Christmas stories!

In my last update post on Friday, I noted that the next update will be 23 December, and mused idly whether the timing might affect the themes of any of the stories I’ll be posting then.

In so doing made passing mention of a couple of Christmas-themed stories already in the archive. It’s since been pointed out to me that I have a lot more of them than the two that came to me off the top of my head—in fact there are at least eight stories where Christmas is significantly relevant for the whole thing or at least one chapter. And I’m betting there will be a couple more by the next update.

It’s easier for me to create tags now, so I created a tag for Christmas/Hanukkah, and a tag category for holiday-themed stories. This category also includes Halloween, and probably others to come (suggestions welcome!).

Site Update: 9 December 2016

Sorry about the delay updating, but there was a pretty good reason for it this time: thanks to the improved facilities of my new hosting provider, I’ve been able to port the entire site over to a new, database-driven setup, automating a lot of the site’s capabilities in the bargain and making possible new and hopefully useful features for users both now and in the near future.

For now that includes improved navigation, better cross-listing of stories, and the inclusions of descriptions on both the story pagesand on list pages as well. A few features that were suspended last month pending the reno—in particular, star voting and page counts—are back in place as well.

Click around and see what I mean. There are a few things still to be implemented, but I’ll be working on those very short term, over the next few weeks. If you see anything that doesn’t seem to be working as it should, please let me know either via the contact form or messaging me on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.

Next planned update will be Friday, 23 December. Hmm, I wonder if I or any of the other authors will be inspired to write anything holiday-themed? We already have one or two, but there’s room for more cozy, heartwarming stories involving special, distinctly Metabods kinds of gifts. Meanwhile, have a great couple of weeks, and thanks for visiting!

This week’s new stuff:

  • Crisis in Carraido, Part 4 by Brian Ramirez KyleDet Cock XLimb Rep  As Kevin struggles to come to terms with the strange new additions to his body, he and Pauly arrive at the compound and discover that the escalation of their mutual arousal is the least bizarre thing they’ll encounter tonight.
  • Hard body, Part 3 by Also Known AsCock Musc Grow  John’s doctor, after making a few preparations for their next session, hears about more of John’s explosive sexual encounters—including one that seems unnervingly familiar.
  • It’s all a bit ‘haze’y by ZielBalls Cock HyCock Musc Grow  When Markus gets accepted into the frat of his dreams, he was expecting one hell of a hazing. The truth is something much bigger.
  • Ivan plays hoompa by Josh Dugan4Legs Llegs XCock XLeg XLimb  Four-legged Ivan, goofing around on his phone, discovers the leg-multiplying possibilities of playing “hoompa”.
  • Jason’s big problem, Part 20 by JovenBro Balls Cock  With the crisis over and the boys back home, Alex continues being a dick while Kevin admits his own temptation to try the cock-growing drugs they stole from Meyers’s lab.
  • ‘Mini’ge a trois, Part 9 by ZielShr  Kevin’s so tiny that even just his buddy’s chest is a sprawling field, and he’s still getting smaller. Plenty of kinky fun await as Dean and Kevin get some new ideas of what to do with their shrinking pal.
  • The power of bondage, Part 4 by WriterbroDom Cock Hum Musc MusBr  The Master has a surprise in store for his newly hunky sub: growth in public.
  • Saligia by Tor SovikFant Cock Musc Grow  Saligia has been waiting for eons, and only myths and stories remain in what literature is remaining today. Darius unwittingly wanders into Saligia’s cave, unleashing the terror that broke the world, and twisted man to depravity.
  • Sam and Bolt, Part 9 by Alakazam1988Cum CumInf Dad Hair Balls Cock HyCock NipC NipCum Self Grow Tall  Michael realizes just how much he lusts after the steadily growing Sam, even as he unwillingly adjusts to being invisible next to his beautiful, thick-muscled, and increasingly horse-hung friend. But encountering Alexey makes him realize that there’s a whole level of inhuman size that Sam, for all his growth, hasn’t even approached yet. Alexey, meanwhile, sees potential in Michael.
  • Sam’s life: Freshman year by Konnor HuseCock  Sam’s freshman year is about to start, and after too long feeling smaller than everyone, things have begun to change.

Posted: 9 December 2016

Site Update: 18 November 2016

Thanks for the supportive responses I got in the wake of last week’s unanticipated hiatus. Here are this week’s new stories, including a new one from me that I’m looking forward to developing further.

  • Cadence, Parts 1-2 by BRK Cock Musc Grow NEW!. Lucius, an ex-ancient Roman whose peculiar curse involves the beauty of the men around him, suddenly finds that everything he thought he knew about his uncontrollable abilities has changed when he’s discovered by a trooper one night sleeping in his car on a lonely stretch of Midwestern highway.
  • Hard body, Part 2 by Also Known As Cock Musc Grow NEW!. John and his doctor try to get to the bottom of John’s insistence that he’s “always horny”, and John tells him about a gym shower make-out session with his cool friend Charlie.
  • Adam’s first growth spurt by Jesse Carter Bro Giant Cock Musc Grow NEW!. Adam comes home from a day of being bullied at school to find he definitely won’t have to worry about anything like that after today.
  • Ivan’s four feet by Josh Dugan 4Legs XLeg XLimb Rep WFoot NEW!. Josh’s imaginings about Ivan’s four feet take on a life of their own, leading to dreams of multiple Ivans enjoying their four-leggedness together with him.
  • Spring break, Part 6 by LenZelig Alien Het Cock Musc Grow NEW!. The Martians decide to recruit Sgt. Dek Johnson to the interplanetary corps of augmented, sexually advanced men and women preserving peace on Earth (whether the humans are ready or not). Though he believes he’s straight, he finds that both the men and the women in hids unit provide stimulation the likes of which he’d never dreamed of.
  • That’s a really huge cock, bro by Luke B. Cock HyCock Musc NEW!. Just a down and dirty story about one jock stud finding out his muscle-bound jock buddy is hung like a mule–and growing.
  • They’re really sensitive now by spacevlad Musc PSD Grow NEW!. Burly musclebear daddy Josh gets his nipples pierced, which makes them extra sensitive…and leads to some BIG unexpected benefits!

About the site: A few things across the site are slightly off model, notably the search page but also view counts and the ability to vote on star ratings. That’s because of a series of changes that I’m making behind the scenes to take advantage of features I can now utilize thanks to my new site hosting. Over the next few weeks I’ll be transitioning to some new behind-the-curtain mechanisms that will increase efficiency and the ability to add functionality and features going forward. I’ll keep you posted in the updates.

Meanwhile thanks for visiting, and thanks for your support. See you in two weeks!

Site Update: 11 November 2016

Sorry, folks. There’s no actual update this week. I’m … just not feeling it. If you know what happened on Tuesday in the States you can probably guess the rest, but the good folks who visit my site are of all political stripes, and I respect that diversity of outlook and experience enough to say no more about it here.

I am planning on doing the update next week, so check back on 18 November. Meanwhile, I’m working on some behind-the-scenes fixes and rethinks that are now possible thanks to the recent migration to the new web host. Most of that should be invisible on your end, but if there’s anything that needs to be called to everyone’s attention, I’ll mention it along with the next update.