Site Update: 28 December 2019

Here it is, a little late but reasonably epic: the Metabods holiday party. Instead of revisiting the gothic confines of FitzHardinge Manor, this year I followed two shipwrecked space travelers who discover their own form of Yuletide celebrations beyond the pale of the known galaxy. I hope you like it. Also joining the party are a bunch of Christmassy transformations and a whole bunch more from a wide array of authors.

Upvote and comment on the ones you like, and let me know the kinds of things you’d like to see on the site in the new year.

The next update will be 11 January. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s holiday, and the best possible 2020 to you all.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 28 December 2019

Site Update: 7 December 2019

New this week from me: two chapters continuing “Flashmob”. I wanted to write more but ran out of time, so maybe I’ll be returning to it in coming weeks. Plus a wide array of strange tales from contributors veteran and new. I hope you like, and as always don’t forget to comment and upvote on stories that you especially like.

Heartfelt and humble thanks to my Patreon supporters, who really do make a difference. Next update is 21 December. I’d love to have a bunch of holiday-themed stories, whether it be Christmas or solstice or Hanukkah or just that year-end mystique that all humans and animals feel in their bones, so if you write something seasonal like that involving meta guys by all means send it in. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 7 December 2019

Site Update: 23 November 2019

Two new stories from me this week. I had a surprise inspiration to continue “New Neighbors”, which I’d always meant to come back to, and I like the way it turned out as Jimmy deals with his connection with Connor and Kevin and how it isn’t all about his abilities. Plus there’s a new story, “Against Protocol”, that works nicely as a B-side. Plus there are a number of interesting stories this week, with a lot of variety in plot, character, and type of change or enhancement. I hope you like, and please make sure to comment on and upvote stories you enjoy so the authors how what works.

Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking about the star ratings lately. The original purpose was to help sort stories so that ones that are exceptional get marked that way by reader votes, and that’s pretty much how it works. But what’s giving me pause is the way the star voting allows for stories being dissed, rather than not being recommended, and I’m wondering if that’s the best way to treat stories and their writers while helping bring good stories to the attention of readers who are looking for them. A single one-star vote can undermine several four- and five-star votes.

One alternative is to institute a thumbs-up voting system instead, which is used on a number of sites (Not Always Right is one of the sites that got me thinking of it). If a reader wanted to recommend a story, they’d give it a thumbs up, and stories would be listed with their recommendation count as well as their page views. (If I did this, I’d convert the star ratings to thumbs up on a sliding scale by number of stars.)

I’m still of two minds about this—there are downsides both ways. If the star rating system is used as intended, it can be valuable in tiering the stories; is that what we want to do? What do you think? I’ve set up polls on Twitter and on Patreon for you guys to chime in, and please add a comment too about whether you think the voting system is worth changing and why.

Next update is 7 December. If you’re in the States or affiliated lands, have a great holiday, and in the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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Posted: 23 November 2019

Site Update: 9 November 2019

This week’s story, “Pool Party”, didn’t exactly go where I was originally intending for it to when I first saved a file with that title. (I use Scrivener, and it’s great, but one thing I wish it didn’t do is force you to choose a title when you create the file before you’ve written anything, rather than on first save as with a word processor. Apart from that, though, it’s perfect for how I use it.) Anyway, first I got about 2,000 words into it and realized I needed to completely change the context and setting; then, after I’d started over the characters started asserting their own very firm ideas about what they wanted to have happen, instead of the scenarios I’d been envisioning. I think it turned out pretty hot, though. Let me know what you think.

Lots of other good stuff this week, but special kudos to Mad Dog and Mr. X, who’ve reached a culminating and climactic fiftieth chapter of their long-running story “Spice”. If you haven’t been reading this, you can join in here, but it’s also worth starting at the beginning. Plus there’s some slightly belated Halloween chills, and lots of good old-fashioned size, growth, and sexytimes.

Next update is 23 November—Thanksgiving weekend, here in the States. Maybe there’ll be something relating to turkey, American football, and/or “family get-togethers”; or maybe not. We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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Posted: 9 November 2019

Site Update: 26 October 2019

As promised, a little extra from me this week: to wit, chapters from three stories instead of two, in meager compensation for a delayed update. Plus there’s a bumper crop of great new chapters from some of your favorite authors, from AKA to Ziel, including several turning points in long-running stories. Check it out, and please upvote the stories you like and leave comments so the authors know what’s having an impact out there.

Next update is 9 November. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 26 October 2019

Site Update: 5 October 2019

This week’s story from me was once again not what I intended to write for this week, but while I was stuck on that one I was tooling around on Twitter and found the inspiration for the story I wrote instead, which developed an idea I’d been toying with for a while. Hope you like. Lots of other interesting stuff from our contributors, too, once again a nice mix of new and veteran writers.

I haven’t been able to do a lot of behind the scenes stuff on the site, either, but I’m expecting more time to free up next month if I’m lucky. I do have a list, and if you see something that needs fixing please let me know via the contact form or DM me on Twitter.

Next update is 19 October. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 5 October 2019

Site Update: 21 September 2019

An unanticipated milestone has turned up, and I have to admit I’m a little agape. With this week’s update, I have passed a career count of 1.5 million words in my writing as Brian Ramirez Kyle. That’s as many as four Brothers Karamazov. I’m not Dostoyevsky, of course—I’m more on the level of the poets the Vogons would torture you with if you were very lucky before you were thrown out an airlock—but a million and a half words feels like an accomplishment nonetheless. Joking aside, what really matters is that I’ve loved every minute, and wouldn’t change a bit of it. Here’s to a million and a half more!

I definitely don’t have a lit-course classic to share with you on this auspicious occasion, more’s the pity. I do have two stories this week, though it isn’t the line-up I had planned. The first story, “The Quiet One”, was the result of a Patreon supporter’s suggestion of a mouthcock coming-of-age story; and when I started thinking about it it all fell into place and the story sort of wrote itself. No mouthcocks in Dostoyevsky—not even Tolstoi was that kinky. Ovid, though—I bet there’s a mouthcock or two in there somewhere. And I’m willing to bet that was the secret appeal of Lady Chatterly’s gamekeeper. It doesn’t say he doesn’t have one, does it?

The plan was to include another patron request, this one for the continuation of an existing story (hint: it’s set in Vermont!), but I ran out of time this week in a big way, so that’ll have to wait for next update. Instead I have a weird insertion-into-fantasy-world story that sort of fell out of my head last night. Sorry about the mess.

Thanks to all my supporters at Patreon and to all of you, that’s right, you. You are awesome and every single one of those million and a half words were written just for you, because that’s how the magic of internet fantasy erotica works. How about that? You’re awesome, and I’m genuinely glad to share my worlds and my men with you.

Next update is 5 October. Remember to comment and upvote the stories you like. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 21 September 2019

Site Update: 7 September 2019

Sorry I’m late this week—real life interfered, and I wasn’t quite done with what I was writing for this update.

Included this week are two new chapters from me—one, by commission, is a continuation of one of my oldest stories, “The Box”; and the other is, after several requests, more of my jinn story, “Shadow and Flame”.

I haven’t forgotten about the next stage of site redesign, i.e., extending the new setup already in use on the story pages to the rest of the site. Right now it’s looking like October for that and a few other minor fixes. Email or DM me with anything you’re seeing that’s in need of a little percussive maintenance.

Next update is 21 September. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 7 September 2019

Site Update: 24 August 2019

Congratulations are in order for Anon Amon, whose epic hypercock/hypermuscle growth story “All Good Thingsthis week reaches 100 cum-filled chapters with no sign of slowing down. Only “Medicine Show” has achieved this level of prolixity, and as that story was written for the LPSG and reprinted here with the authors’ permission, “All Good Things” becomes the first story author-submitted to Metabods to broach a three-digit chapter count. Given how driven some of those characters are to get crazy huge (especially between the legs) it seems an appropriate milestone. (The most I’ve gotten to is 16 chapters. Clearly I’m not trying hard enough!)

As you may have noticed, last week I went live with a new site design that was meant to be a little cleaner and more streamlined. Star voting and everything else should be working normally, but some tweaks will continue to surface as we go. So far the new design is limited to just the home page and the story pages, and I’m afraid there will be a wait for the other pages (search, story listing, about, etc.) to catch up to the new design as I’ve got other projects I have to finish first. If you encounter problems with the new design, first try clearing your browser history and force-reloading to reset the stylesheets. If the page still isn’t loading right on your system, please contact me or DM me on Twitter.

Two stories this week from me. One is a sequel to the werebear story, “Love/Shift”, this one following the fun-loving Owen as he tries to figure out his own fate. This story is commissioned via Patreon, and if you want you can do the same. The other new BRK item this week is a Blue Banana story, mainly because I wanted an excuse to write some multilimb this week.

Next update: 7 September. Don’t forget to upvote and comment on the stories you like, as at really helps me and the other folks who share their stories with you. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 24 August 2019

Site Update: 10 August 2019

For this week’s update I wrote two new chapters of “Touch”, both on the long side. (About 13k words total.) Hope you like.

Next update is 24 August. I’ve had reports of trouble voting using the star system, and I will get that sorted as soon as I can. There are a bunch of things I want to do to clean up and streamline the story pages, with the voting thing as a priority. You can still comment on stories you like, and the writers appreciate it.

Humble thanks to my Patreon supporters—I really appreciate everyone who gives my writing a boost that way no matter the level and helps me carve out time to do it.

That’s it for now. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

This week’s stuff:

Posted: 10 August 2019