Site Update: 21 April 2017

Four new chapters from me. I’m a little surprised myself. I passed my first major Patreon milestone of $150, and that means you’ll be seeing more content from me on a monthly basis. I am tremendously grateful to my Patreon supporters, and to everyone who helps out by rating and commenting and sending me suggestions for the site. This might be my own little home page and very public personal porn stash, but I love that it’s out there for a lot of other folks to enjoy.

In addition to the new stories, I have a few significant changes to the site i’d like to tell you about.

(a) Text size toggle: Somebody mentioned that it would be useful to have a way to change the size of the text on story pages, as it could be small and hard to read on some devices. This was something I had planned for a later, more major upgrade, but I brought it forward and set up a text size toggle button at the top right of each story, in the breadcrumbs strip above the story title. There are three levels—normal, large, and extra-large. It also stores your preference in a cookie, so if you have cookies enabled your new text size preference will remain in place as you move to another story.

(b) Tag suggestions: Another site regular suggested that it would be useful to have an easy way to let me know a particular story is missing tags that it should have. It’s the kind of thing that’s a hassle for a reader to go and type out the contact form about, but that people might do if there’s a EZ tag suggestion form for a given story. So now there is. The link is directly under the router stack for each story, before the story text starts.

(c) Page load speed improvements: I tracked down what was taking the story and story list pages an extra three or four seconds to load, and I smashed it like a bug. Those pages should now take no more than a second to load on a broadband connection.

(d) Site statistics: I played around with Google’s graph embedding facility to make a page of fairly useless stats and charts.

(e) General cosmetics: I decided it looked a little vanilla for the text of each story to just start, so I set up a drop capital that’s demure but still makes more a bold start to each chapter. I also buffed up the looks of the index page, since that looked a little plain too.

Okay, enough of that. Here are the new stories. Thanks for visiting!

This week’s new stuff:

  • Incremental curse, Parts 2-3 by BRKShr  Jared and shrunken Lee enjoy each other’s company and marvel at how hot Lee’s incremental growth spurts are—then Jared suddenly remembers he’s got class, and the paper for his very severe professor isn’t done.
  • Keith DeMarco is huge!, Parts 1-2 by BRKCock XAbs XArm XCock XLimb XPec Tall  Top music critic Zach Savoy is finally handed a chance to interview pop superstar Keith DeMarco after a year of secrecy and seclusion. When he penetrates the singer’s inner sanctum, though, he’s not prepared for what he finds.
  • All good things, Parts 32-39 by Anon AmonBro Cum Cock HyCock Twins  Dean joins the others, while Michael discovers there’s a “level three”, which means more than just his towering cock is being affected by the transformations. Sam, meanwhile, is thinking ahead—they have to get out of the gym before they outgrow it.
  • Big changes, Part 9 by ZielXmas Cum Eas Balls HyCock Twins  For some Easter fun, the twins arrange an Easter egg hunt for chocolate-craving Troy, which involves squeezing Troy’s gargantuan junk into a thong and sending him out in search of egg-encased goodies. Only the eggs he finds aren’t about chocolate, they’re about the size of his uncannily huge equipment.
  • Camp Multilimb by Josh DuganBtaur Cent 4Legs XArm XCock XLeg XLimb 6Legs WFoot  Camp is very entertaining.
  • Project Cerulean MX, Part 16 by The PecmanMusc  Aaron admits to Joey that he likes how big his study buddy is getting, and gets up the courage to show him just how much he likes it. Dr. Noble, meanwhile, is worried about Billy having been exposed to Ultra-infected blood, and a strange itch that’s bothering Michael. And Joey discovers just how powerful effect he has on other guys can be—in the locker room showers.
  • Vitality Health Foods by Josef HowardCock HyCock Musc  The quaint health food shop sells supplements that are remarkably effective—if used as directed.
  • The Zeke chronicles, Part 5 by Sean Reid ScottDad Cock Musc  Closeted firefighter Mark can’t keep his eyes of the enormously muscled new recruit, Troy. It’s not long before he discovers Troy’s muscle growth secret.

Posted: 21 April 2017

Site Update: 7 April 2017

My one-week delayed update contains a new story and a new continuing chapter from me, plus a lot more. Hope you like!

Next update: 21 April. I have good stuff planned for then, including a Patreon request or two. In the meantime enjoy the site, and thanks for stopping by.

Also, if you do like my stuff and want to encourage me, consider joining my Patreon and making a small pledge as a patron. It really makes a difference in inspiration and motivation.

This week’s new stuff:

  • Cadence, Part 3 by BRK CockMuscGrow Lucius finds himself drawn to the trooper, Wexler, so strongly that they have an erotic encounter together despite Lucius being in his cell and Wexler in the station locker room.
  • The guy with the dick by BRKHyCock Musc  One morning at the park, Daniel encounters an unbelievably hot guy with a very impressive dick.
  • Alex in Wonderland, Part 3 by Anarchy ACum HyCock Musc Shr Grow  The newly muscle-swollen Alex continues his journey through the strange, wondrous land, and encounters a very handsome gym bunny who’s convinced Alex is the hunky houseboy he ordered.
  • All good things, Parts 24-31 by Anon AmonBro Cum Cock HyCock Twins  The cock-growth spreads as the boys, holed up in the old gym, attract the attention—and interest—of an innocent passerby named Sam, whose life is about to change in a pretty drastic fashion.
  • Little bro by ZielBro Giant Cock HyCock Musc Grow  Hunky big bro Liam has always teased his puny kid brother Connell. But after his accident, Connell got some experimental treatments that are guaranteed to change who calls who the “little bro” from now on.
  • Project Cerulean MX, Part 15 by The PecmanMusc  Joey deals with the ramifications of his growing muscles and hypersexuality, including buying clothes, his family’s awkward adjustments to his new situation, and the thrill and anxiety of the first day of school in his new condition.
  • The reunion, Parts 1-2 by AphonHair Balls Cock HyCock Musc Nonc Grow  Sam meets up with his high school crush who ends up having more in plan for him than he thought… how big is too big?
  • They’re really sensitive now, Part 2 by spacevladGiant Musc PSD Grow  Josh continues to grow as he plays with his nips, fucking his partner and growing giant-size!
  • The Zeke chronicles, Part 4 by Sean Reid ScottDad Cock Musc  Zeke gets into a cocky confrontation with the resident gym musclegod and his devoted girlfriend, Barb. Zeke feels compelled to show them both what a real musclegod truly is.

Posted: 7 April 2017

Site Update: 17 March 2017

Once again, a Patreon request to write just a little more about Will from “Twinning”, the sexy and mischievous guy/duo with a yen for growing the guys that catch his fancy, turned instead into a huge new two-part story, “Twinning: The college years”, which follows Will to the next stage of his very eventful and lust-driven life. (The Irish object of Will’s affection also serves as my tip of the hat to the fact that today’s update happens to fall on March 17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!)

In fact, I had to write a shirt vignette story this morning, “Mouth”, just to prove that I can actually write something in response to a prompt (this time, a self-administered one: “Write a little scene about the joys of having a mouthcock”) that didn’t end up clocking in at 9,000 words. Sure, I had to stop myself, mostly so I could actually do this update before I go about my own real-life Friday sojourn through sunny, slushy New York, but that just means I can write another little scene later if I want.

Lots more content this week, too—more than I expected. Dive in and find what you like. And please, if you like my stuff, consider joining my Patreon and making a small pledge as a patron. I can’t tell you how much the support of my Patreon sponsors has encouraged and revitalized my writing and my commitment to the site over the last year, and I want to work harder on building my skills and sharing the pleasure of my fantastic, uncanny men with everyone who appreciates them.

The site features I mentioned in recent updates are still in the works, so stay tuned, and if you have suggestions please by all means drop me a line, I’m always glad to hear them. The next update is 31 March, so see you then and thanks for stopping by.

This week’s new stuff:

  • Twinning: The college years, Parts 1-2 by BRKDig Cock HyCock Rep Grow StPat Tall Series  At college, Will attracts the attention of a sexy, Irish hockey player who pushes all Will’s buttons—but now that he’s in this new world Will isn’t sure he can share all of himself with his slowly growing admirer.
  • Vignette: Mouth by BRKCock Mcock  Your wish to be constantly tasting rock-hard cock might be granted in an unexpected way.
  • All good things, Parts 17-23 by Anon AmonBro Cock Twins  With growth-drunk Michael’s cock as long as the room and as thick as Michael himself, the guys realize they have to get him out of the dorm and into a more discrete location. But there are two complications: Henry the RA is nosing around, and Michael’s cum is making them all grow bigger and faster than ever.
  • Basically a god, Part 7 by CurlyJinCum Giant Het Balls HyCock Grow Super Tall  Being all-powerful can get lonely. Fortunately, Johnny has a plan.
  • Camping out by Walt TuckerGiant  A giant is attracted to sexy camper Jamie enough to grab him from his tent and bring him home for sex—and also to meet his other human pet, Brendan.
  • Drunk on the groove by STrRedWolfFur HyCock XBalls XArm Series  A local DJ and neighbor of Red’s overdoes it at the Dragon’s Horde… and the next day, he’s feeling rather green… and rather hung.
  • In the sack by Neltharion5Cock Musc  Brian finds a magical backpack that uses magazines as fuel to transform him. Soon, he realizes that his enhancements are sexually contagious, making his sex partners hotter. What else will he discover about the magic sack?
  • MissinGRO by ZielCock XBalls XArm XCock XLimb PSD Grow  Javier discovers to his delight that encountering the infamous Pokémon glitch Missingno can have unanticipated real-world effects.
  • Red pills, Parts 6-7 by Alakazam1988Cock  As the word of Red Pills spreads, Joey ponders exchanging his part-time gig as a dancer for repping the growth supplement, and reaping the rewards.
  • School for studs, Part 8 by Josef HowardCum Musc  Given some time off from training, Eldon seduces a rich and closeted husband and father who wants Eldon’s amazing body, not expecting Eldon will get the upper hand.
  • Unbound Beast Inc. by an0n12Cock Musc  Jeff is working out late at night and encounters Ian who has substantially grown since he last saw him; Ian decides to be cocky and show off/seduce Jeff not taking into account the how effective the drug he’s taking would be when he cums. Will it be too much for Ian or will he let his arrogance and lust get the better of him?
  • The Zeke chronicles, Part 3 by Sean Reid ScottDad Cock Musc  Zeke attracts attention at the gym, where he and Dr. Kerr encounter a father and son team trying to get big.

Posted: 17 March 2017

Site Update: 3 March 2017

I’ve had a bit of stress in my real-life storyline this week (lots of changes up in the air, most of them good), so I was determined to write something fun and frivolous. Thus the new chapter of “Mutation”, the hyperest of all BRK hypercock stories.

The dicks are getting pretty huge in most of the stories lined up for this week, and advancing “Mutation” seemed to fit the theme. And then, as if to confirm that this is National Hypercock Week, we got a new, long-awaited chapter for Ziel’s “Above Average”. That must mean it’s catching. You might want to remove any constricting clothes before you start, just in case.

Site features update: I’ve added a few more features to the story pages. First is a marquee rotating through the latest story updates. That also appears on the site’s index page. But what I’m really happy about is a “More like this” panel at the bottom of every story. The algorithm looks for popular stories with similar tags and authors, and hopefully this will help people find stories they might enjoy that they didn’t even know were on the site. Let me know how it works for you! It works better on stories with more tags, but it should give you some new choices no matter stories you’re browsing alongside what you get using the navigation routers and the keyword search function.

Size matters: Someone remarked to me recently on the size of the archive, and it occurred to me to check up where my stories stack up these days in relation to this big bag of dicks I’ve managed to amass here. Here’s the scoop. With today’s update, I am at 144 stories under the BRK byline—one Gross, if I may use the expression. So that’s 144 BRK stories in 294 chapters, with, my database queries tell me, an estimated total verbiage of roughly 764,000 words. That’s about the length Fellowship of the Ring plus War and Peace added onto the end, not that they compare in the slightest by any other conceivable metric. (No cheers. This was ridiculous.)

By comparison, the site as a whole has 1,107 stories in 3,235 chapters. The whole archive adds up to something like 9,390,000 words. So overall I’m making up about a twelfth of the whole site. Also, my chapter-to-story ratio is only 2:1, definitely well below average for the site—no surprise to my faithful readers. Just call me Brian “Chapter One” Kyle. I’m getting better, I swear.

When I think of the site, and I still generally do, as my own personal story page which just happens to have a bunch of other stories to keep my own stuff company, making up only a twelfth of the total mass seems slightly surprising … in that very mild way, like realizing your ceilings aren’t quite white after all, but more of an eggshell kind of deal. Huh, you say to yourself, that’s weird. But I also feel pretty good about both writing a lot a lot of smut and also curating a big collection of stories from muses cousin or brother to my own that is, at the end of the day, not quite like anything else out there.

Next update will be … wow, 17 March. Uh oh, theme alert! Will I need a “Saint Patrick’s Day” tag? You guys tell me! See you then, and heartfelt thanks for stopping by.

This week’s new stuff:

  • Mutation, Part 3 by Brian Ramirez KyleCock HyCock XCock XLimb Rep  The uber-grown students spend a blissful morning in the pool pleasuring each other, but they can’t stay there forever, as much as they might want to.
  • Above average, Part 25 by ZielCock HyCock Musc  Determined to find out what’s going on with the magic artifact box, Alan catches up with his suddenly super-hunky professor, Mr. Simpson.
  • All good things, Parts 9-16 by Anon AmonBro Cock Twins  Once they discover that Josh’s gift of cock-growing cum is passed on along with the extra inches, things quickly get out of hand in a very literal way—especially once Michael realizes just how badly he loves being huge.
  • Among the jocks by PeterbiltCock Musc  Young athletes enjoy each other’s beautiful, muscular bodies.
  • Ivan’s barefoot centaur calendar, Part 3 by Josh DuganCent XCock XLimb Rep WFoot Series  Ivan II throws an unusual party.
  • Pageants are gay! by Neltharion5Cock Musc  The USA Mister Pageant is far more than just a beauty show. Friends Darren and Scott are too oblivious to acknowledge that their state pageant titles may have made them the hottest men in their state. Will the national title do the same?
  • Red pills, Parts 2-5 by Alakazam1988Cock  Our already well-hung student/stripper is drawn further into the possibilities of Red Pills, following anecdotal internet stories and videos of phenomenal growth even as he himself is aggressively recruited to be the pills’ latest success story.
  • School for studs, Parts 6-7 by Josef HowardCum Musc  After a very intensive workout session, Race and Eldon show the rest of the recruits “the ropes”—demonstrating just how impressively their improved bodies can perform with a little keyword programming.
  • Spring break, Part 7 by LenZeligHet Cock Musc  In a continuation fifty years on from part six, college student Doug Williams is invited to become the pet of a young Martian.
  • The first time by GolddreamCock HyCock Musc Grow  Dave needs a place to stay, and fortunately, his gym bud Thomas is there to help. But in the week that follows, Dave is introduced to a whole new world of sensations.
  • The Zeke chronicles, Part 2 by Sean Reid ScottMusc  Though he loves his amazing growth in size and power, Zeke stops by the doctor’s office just to make sure his body’s strange behavior isn’t something to be worried about. Dr. Kerr, for his part, isn’t immune to Zeke’s magnetic muscle-beauty.

Posted: 3 March 2017

Site Update: 17 February 2017

I had planned to write a fun new chapter in one of my hunky teen dramas, but for some reason this week I just could not get my mind off that tall, dark, bald and beautiful four-armed and unexpectedly twinned Chicago P.I., Jordan Coffey.

So I ended up writing a new chapter of “Toil and Trouble” instead. And it took me in a direction I really was not anticipating when I first set up this storyline, so maybe there’s some kind of supernatural influence being exerted on me, as well. If it’s one of you guys, my faithful readers, I have to say I’m not sure I mind.

Also this week is a new yarn from Ziel that’s right up my alley, an intriguing new slow-building dick growth story called “All Good Things”, another installment of that hot “Hard Body” story from AKA, and a lot more besides. Check it all out—and don’t forget to vote for the stories you like, and leave comments too! The authors love to hear back from you guys. I know I do.

Site changes. There are a few cosmetic changes on the site this week, and a new feature: a panel with all the story parts listed (with descriptions and dates) at the top of each story, to replace the dropdown list of story parts. It was a requested change I initially resisted, but asa it turns out I like this a lot better. There are bigger changes to come, but I still have a pile of code to write before I can say more. Stay tuned!

Next update is Friday, 3 March. Special thanks to my Patreon supporters. You continue to inspire me to write and write hard. If you’re interested in supporting my writing, check out my Patreon page here. Thanks for visiting!

This week’s new stuff:

  • Toil and trouble, Part 2 by Brian Ramirez KyleXArm XLimb Rep  Aiden, the angry, broken-hearted ex, demands to see Jordan, unaware of the transformation that Jordan has undergone.
  • All good things, Parts 1-8 by Anon AmonBro Cock Twins  After the discovery of an ancient artifact, life is changed forever for a group of college students who have bigger things to worry about than getting ready to start classes.
  • Arthur, the young titan, Part 6 by TonnyGiantDom Giant Musc Grow Viol  The young titan, now a towering, 150-foot-tall giant delighting in wreaking a path of mayhem and death through the city, acquires a new devoted follower in Robert, a thickly muscled cop who harbors a secret desire to become a giant like Arthur.
  • Hard body, Part 7 by Also Known AsCock Musc Grow  Doc is afraid to enjoy too much John’s incredible ability to pleasure him with just a thought anytime, anywhere, without being anywhere near him. But feeling John’s mouth and touch and cock on him, all over him, is only the beginning. John has been collecting sensations, and they’re about to be shared with the one man John wants to bring pleasure to.
  • Ivan’s barefoot centaur calendar, Part 2 by Josh DuganCent XCock XLimb Rep WFoot Series  Posing for the mythical drunken centaur calendar page requires a certain amount of method modeling, resulting in both tipsy, four-legged Ivans becoming more aroused and more arousing than usual.
  • My high school god by PeterbiltMusc  Real life story about the author and another student when we were in high school.
  • School for studs, Parts 4-5 by Josef HowardCum Musc  Eldon faces the first rounds of training, only to find that his body is being pushed and conditioned in ways he had never imagined by the uncompromising instructor—and by the impressive, sexy graduate of the School, Race.
  • Second service by Marquis de RentCock Musc Nonc Grow  A man out for his Friday night carousing runs into his ex. He expects some casual sex but gets more than he thought.
  • There’s something about Billy by ZielCock HyCock XCock  Billy seems like perfectly normal, good-looking guy from the waist up. But there’s something going on inside Billy’s weird, super-baggy pants, and Duke and Kevin were determined to find out what it was.
  • Trade, Parts 1-2 by Alakazam1988Cock HyCock  Discovering the ability to trade a part of your body for part of another naturally leads to experimentation with inches of cock, and with just how far you can transform someone who really wants it.

Posted: 17 February 2017

Site Update: 3 February 2017

Huge update this week, including everybody from AKA to Ziel! And this time there are not one but two stories from me, as one of them, the one extending our time with Professor Magnus beyond the classroom, was the result of a Patreon request which, typically, got out of hand as I warmed to the subject.

The other one, The Commute, was a try at getting back to a simple, relatively subtle muscle growth story—something I don’t try my hand at very often. I hope you like.

The last couple of weeks there have been a couple of outages for the site. These had to do with server upgrades at my hosting company, and it sounds like they were done because they suddenly became necessary. Anyway, the site is on its new servers now, so we should be ready-steady going forward. I had also intended a few site improvements for this update, including some features various people have asked for. If you’ve asked me for a feature recently, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten, and I have some very specific items on my to-do list.

Next update is 17 February. See you then, and thank you so much for visiting.

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 3 February 2017

Site Update: 20 January 2017

Consumer note: No one in any of the following stories is orange.

I wrote a new story again for this update! It’s for a very specific thing I have—no, I don’t mean mouthcock. Okay, I do mean mouthcock, but what I really mean is hot sex mixed with sappy. You have been warned.

I’ve been busy with IRL stuff this month so I don’t have much to report on the site. My Tumblr has 1,990 followers at the moment, which means once again we’re at one of those almost-there points that makes you think of Homer Simpson pumping gasoline. My Patreon pledges are at $164, which is inspiring me to write more than ever before. Patrons pledging over $15 can ask questions that I’ll answer with brief vignettes (like Ziel does), or, if I’m really feeling it, a story chapter (as with last update’s continuation of “The Box”).

Next update: 3 February. See you then, and thanks for visiting.

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 20 January 2017

Site Update: 6 January 2017

Happy new year, everyone! It so happens that 2017 is the twentieth anniversary year for this strange and glorious website. It all started in 1997 when I decided to set up my own place on the web for stories I wrote and stories I liked, and now I’m … well, I’m a little bemused that it’s still going strong. But I’m delighted that folks are finding stuff they like here, especially stuff that’s a little unusual and hard to find, and I honestly enjoy writing stories for Metabods more than ever.

My contribution this week, appropriately enough, is a resurrection of one of my oldest stories, a continuation of something I first wrote and posted back in late 2002. It’s actually a Patreon request—anyone pledging over a certain amount on Patreon can prompt me to write a brief vignette on a past story or the themes I tend to write about, and in this case I couldn’t stop at only a few hundred words. But I love that the first post of the 20th anniversary year includes building on a story from over 14 years ago.

There are a couple more throwbacks in this update—the FanTCman story is a classic that should have been posted here back when it was first written, but there are a few of his that fell through the cracks that I’ll be adding in over the coming weeks. The Josh Dugan centaur/hextaur story is also an older story that I somehow missed, but which is back here where it belongs, seeing as how Josh was the writer who first inspired me to submit my multilimb fantasies two decades ago. (The Nifty archivist’s aggrieved reaction to having a second author submitting multilimbed-themed stories was the direct precipitator of this site.) The second chapter of “A New Coffee” was also written and translated from the French a while ago. (The original French version is on the author’s Facebook page.) There’s also a smaller throwback to my last update two weeks ago, just before the holidays, as not one but two of the stories below are belated Christmas-themed adventures.

You may have noticed the new logo, with its understated reference to the 20th anniversary. There will be other celebratory stuff later in the year, so stay tuned. (I’m trying to imagine what a 20th anniversary special story should be like, but all that’s coming to me so far is me meeting up with four of my previous incarnations to fight Cybermen and a Raston warrior robot in the Gallifreyan Death Zone… Don’t worry, I’ll keep thinking.)

Next update will be Friday, 20 January (and no, it will not be Trump themed). See you then!

This week’s new stuff:

Site Update: 23 December 2016

Okay, I swear to Saturn, the story I was writing for this week was supposed to be a simple, wacky transformation story, just a bunch of guys sitting around getting tf’ed, right? But beyond all explanation “Secret Santa” ended up swelling like an growth-serum-overdosed hypercock. I sat down Thursday morning totally planning to write a simple little story, and instead between yesterday and today I somehow ended up writing a fucking 15,000-word novella.

The good news is I had fun writing it, so, if you don’t like it—too bad, I had a blast. And it’s holiday themed (as cunningly revealed in the title), so with this and a few other holly and mistletoe-bedecked submissions I achieved my goal of the 23 December update being all nice and festive this year.

Note: Not all of the stories below are Christmas or holiday-themed, but those that are are appropriately tagged. (Want more Metabods Christmas? Here’s the whole sack.)

Next update: Friday, 6 January. In the meantime, I hope you all have safe and pleasant holidays, wherever you are. See you in 2017!

This week’s new stuff:

Posted: 23 December 2016

Side note: Christmas stories!

In my last update post on Friday, I noted that the next update will be 23 December, and mused idly whether the timing might affect the themes of any of the stories I’ll be posting then.

In so doing made passing mention of a couple of Christmas-themed stories already in the archive. It’s since been pointed out to me that I have a lot more of them than the two that came to me off the top of my head—in fact there are at least eight stories where Christmas is significantly relevant for the whole thing or at least one chapter. And I’m betting there will be a couple more by the next update.

It’s easier for me to create tags now, so I created a tag for Christmas/Hanukkah, and a tag category for holiday-themed stories. This category also includes Halloween, and probably others to come (suggestions welcome!).