Friday Flashback: July 2014

Hey folks! This is an off week between updates, so I thought I’d fill in the gap with another flashback. I spun the random destination wheel and this time we’re looking at what was new this month four years ago.

July 2014 was a busy month, it turns out, with three very big updates. I’ve gone ahead and included all of it here, because some of these deserve a little love and attention. (If you want to know what the site looked like back in July 2014, take a look.)

Enjoy exploring stories you fondly remember, still return to sometimes, forgot about, or never saw, and I’ll be back with new chapters and stories next week.

And remember—we want your stories! If you’re feeling inspired by all these muscled, augmented dudes, or have something special you’ve been working on, please drop me a line. I love sharing stories about hot guys from new writers and veterans who know their way around a metaguy.

This week’s stuff:

  • Insta-hotties by BRKCock XHead Musc  An admirer gives webcam muscle hunk Tim a magical sponsoring gift of more of what his fans love most about him—which turns out to be his gorgeous face.
  • Werewolf High, Parts 1-2 by BRKCGrow Dig Cock HyCock XArm XCock XLimb Musc MGrow Rep Grow Twins Were  The star of a teen werewolf show has a nagging sense that something weird is happening to the show’s extremely muscular, hung, and horny cast and crew, but he can’t quite put his finger on what it is.
  • Centurion of light, Parts 4-5 by Ravine MountainCGrow Cock HyCock Cum XAbs Musc MGrow NipC NipCum Grow Twins  The knot of god-gifted Roman soldiers, pausing in their demon hunt at Londinium, decide to have specially powerful weapons made using their magical seed; in doing so they encounter a burly young blacksmith’s slave who might make a perfect recruit.
  • The dream by ManInMi6CGrow Cock Musc MGrow  Dave had always dreamt of being able to grow like the Hulk, ripping through his clothes. Then he had a dream where he got his wish. Only—…was it a dream?
  • Experiment in fantasy, Parts 1-2 by UnknownCGrow HyCock Musc MGrow Grow  An bland advertisement about subjects for a muscle development story turns out to be an invitation to see just how big he can grow.
  • Family values by FanTCManBro Hair Cock Musc MGrow 2Gay  Visiting his brothers in California leads to surprise after surprise, starting with their being much bigger than they had been before…
  • Fantastic island by FanTCManCGrow Dumb Cock HyCock Musc MGrow Nonc Self  Gene’s island vacation takes a sudden twist when he meets a handsome stranger and has a drink with him, only to wake up blearily to encounter the man’s muscle giant fuck toy… and his own body is feeling very strange…
  • Geno-type, Parts 18-19 by ZielCGrow Cock HyCock Infect  Tyler and Jake’s hypercocks reach a truly ridiculous room-filling size, making Sam’s smaller hypercock look puny by comparison; but, uh… none of them seems to mind much at all.
  • Gooed friends by ZielCGrow Goo Hallow Cock XCock XLimb Grow Tent  The author, prompted to write about multi-limb and keen to indulge in his love for “slime boys,” offers a story rife with gooey fun, cute sappy young love, multi-limbs, consentacles and some mild muscle and junk growth for good measure.
  • I think, therefore I am, Parts 1-6 by LeatherGryphonCock Musc MGrow Series  Lance’s telepathic DNA-rewriting equipment opens up incredible new possibilities, but he and Dale need to test it patiently. Only, who could be that patient?
  • The landing, Parts 1-3 by C.W.P.Alien CGrow Cock  Mulling the pointlessness of his life on a vacation to Alaska, Chris is thrilled to encounter a pair of extremely well endowed aliens.
  • Late bloomer, Part 2 by Jay EmmCock Musc MGrow  Paul and Chet are trying to sort out the changes brought about by the growth gem, when a stranger appears to tell them about new and unexpected possibilities.
  • Max and Chris by DrillurBro CGrow Cock  Two very hung brothers get tired of solo sex.
  • The minotaur equation, Parts 1-7 by LeatherGryphonFur CGrow Cock 2Anim Infect Musc MGrow Series  After Dale rewrites his DNA to become a hugely muscled, hugely hung minotaur, he discovers he hadn’t thought through his transformation.
  • Muscl Hansl, Part 2 by JerkoffcentralCock Musc MGrow  The demigod Azekial considers how enamored he is of Priapus’s latest recruit, a lust that’s making his balls grow even larger than usual.
  • Not just imagination, Part 2 by DarkDjinCGrow Dad Cock Musc MGrow  After unintentionally growing his dad and his friends with just the potency of his vivid imagination, Jampson, still not quite in control of what he can do, ends up literally reshaping his encounter with some bullies.
  • The serum by UnknownCock Grow  Once you develop a serum for extreme muscle growth you have to test it, right? Except the only volunteer subject may be a little too eager…
  • Shift, Parts 1-2 by NBCK99CGrow Cock HyCock XArm Musc MGrow PSD  At first there were only a few of those abnormally tall, wildly muscular, huge-cocked, boner-inducing half-naked guys, encountered here and there on a train, in a mall, a demigod amidst the chaff. That was at first.
  • Tough boy by John BowlingCGrow HyCock Musc MGrow  Kerry’s coach pushes the cocky teen to get bigger—then, with the help of a growth serum, joins him in becoming bigger than Kerry had ever thought possible.
  • Uncontrolled changes, Part 2 by blackjacketCock Musc MGrow Nonc  Andrew continues to be at the mercy of his own body, which ruthlessly forces changes on him regardless of the pain they cause.
  • Voodoo mama by NCStudBoyCock Musc MGrow  Spring break in New Orleans—as everyone knows, a sure-fire recipe for strange encounters and voodoo muscle growth.
  • What happens on Venus, Parts 1-2 by Malice SlashloverAlien Det XCock  Garrett has a lot of questions about the Venusians he’s living with as an exchange student, but the one he most wants an answer to is — why do Venusian guys have three cocks?
  • Worship by UnknownCock Musc  Working out late at night, a well-built guy watches a musclegod work out, then gets invited to take a much closer look.

Posted: 20 July 2018