Cock medication

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By Jocktaur Kyle


I’m 18 today and am going to see my doctor. My father made the appointment for me. You see, last Thursday night, my father’s night out to play racquetball with his friend Jack, I had settled in to watch some of his porn and suck myself off. No sooner had I gotten my dick in my mouth than in he walks. “Jesus H. Christ! You are a fucking freak! I’m calling Dr. Little and you are going to stop that medication.”

When I was 11, it was discovered that one of my balls had not descended and Dr. Little had prescribed a male growth hormone to make it happen. I had seen him fairly regularly over the 7 years and he didn’t seem alarmed that once the ball fell my genitals started developing at an extraordinarily rapid pace. My 5-inch penis had grown about an inch and a half a year and was now about 16 inches soft and really thick. I mean, that night when dad walked in I really had to struggle to get the head in my mouth. My balls really blew up too; each one is the size of a grapefruit and hangs in a bag that almost touches my knee. I really love the size I have become even though, through most of my high school years, the other guys would razz me about my cock. In the locker room after gym class they would grab at my cock and call me “donkey boy.” Dr. Little told me they were jealous and that his classmates had treated him the same way. So I got to like the attention, feeling it made me more like Dr. Little. I never saw the doctor’s genitals; he always wore one of those lab coats over his clothes. One time I could swear I saw a really huge outline behind the coat but I was sure no one could have anything that big between his legs.

There was one guy at school who truly got to be a friend. Al was a year ahead of me in school. He was a black guy who had a pretty big dick himself. We were jacking off together looking at some of dad’s old mags. I leaned over to put my cock in my mouth. I had never done it in front of anyone before. The minute I did it Al started shooting his load all over himself. “Man I wish I could do that.” He recovered quickly after cumming and got down really close to watch me. “I just need to grow another inch and I could do it.” He asked me how I had gotten to be so huge.

“Maybe you should start to take the pills I take. I will give you a couple bottles. Dr. Little gives me unlimited refills.” Of course I told Dr. Little about this scene on my next visit. He told me to send Al to see him one afternoon for an exam and his own pills. By the end of my freshman year Al was able to suck himself off too and we would get together 4 or 5 times a week to do just that. After he graduated and went off to college we didn’t get to see much of each other and I really missed his company.

But I guess I have gotten off the point of my story. I didn’t understand why dad was so upset. He was a med school classmate of Dr. Little and I was sure he knew that I was still on the pills. After mom left, he would get together with his guy friends pretty regularly and I thought the Bill he had talked about was Dr. Little. Maybe he was appalled by my self-suck although it seemed really natural to me and certainly to Al. I’m pretty bummed heading over to Little’s office. I guess this 4:45 appointment was the only one dad could get. Really a bummer since Al was coming to town for my birthday. I guess seeing him will have to wait.

When I arrived at Dr. Little’s office, Marge, his secretary already had her coat on. “He’s waiting for you; tell him I’ve locked up.”

“Sure thing”, I said as I went back into the exam room.

“Hey Donk,” he’d called me that ever since I told him about the boys in the locker room, “get undressed and up on the table, I’ll be with you as soon as I finish these notes.”

“OK, Dr. Little, my dad wants me to stop taking the medicine.”

“I know”, he said, “I talked to him about that. Since you are 18, you are old enough to make your own decisions now, Donk, and you can start calling me Bill. Your dad is concerned that you are becoming a freak.”

“But I like it, Bill, maybe he is just like those guys at school.”

No sooner had those words gotten out of my mouth than Bill turned his chair to face the exam table. His lab coat was open and for the first time in my life I saw a bulge bigger than mine. It looked like a fucking basketball was shoved down his left leg.

“You like what you see, Donk? If you keep growing you will look like this. Your dad doesn’t think you are ready.”

My instant hard-on told Bill how much I appreciated his size and wanted it too.

“You know I can’t fit it in my mouth anymore and I liked that as much as you do.” I could not believe my ears. Dr. Little had never been like this before. He got up and walked toward the table. I was mesmerized watching the huge mound of flesh moving around as he walked. “You want to see some freak meat?”

“More than anything”, my cock was full sized now and bouncing on the table with excitement

“Hey Al, come and show Donk what you’ve been doing for the past year.” Al stepped into the room with nothing on but one of those tubes from dad’s movies. It was a huge tube at least 20 inches long and 6 inches across. Al was filling that fucker almost to the end. His meat was slicked up and shining in that tube.

“Now there is some big black freak meat!” Bill was checking my reaction. Pre-cum oozing from my dick. “You had better lick that stuff up.”

I knew the minute my lips hit my dick it was all over. I had never been so turned on. Man was I jealous of Al in that tube. Wanted a tube of my own to grow my cock and balls ever bigger. I am a size freak and I knew I could get bigger than Al.

But Bill was a different story. “Donk you need to know something. Your dad and I met when we were about 11 years old. About the same age you were when you first came to see me. We saw the same doctor and took the same pills you are taking. Your granddad made him stop the medication at 17 and I continued until I was in my twenties. Your father grew a really impressive cock but mine got freaky huge. He wants you to make your own decision about some things cause he doesn’t want you ever to regret what you do. If you choose the path I took there is no turning back. It’s what Al has chosen to do. Size is my personal obsession and I will help you achieve whatever you desire. Your dad sent you here to me to help you. Are you happy with what you have developed so far?”

“Bill, I love what you have given me. My cock is so huge and I love being bigger than almost everybody else. I know my size gives me power over other people and that only a few will ever want to have sex with me. That’s OK cause I like to do myself more than anything else and doin that with Al was the best ever.”

Al was smiling and stroking the tube between his legs. “Yeah bro we had some good times together, I miss doin it with you. But this pumping is even better. I would love to pump with you. I can show you how it works if you want, but hear the Doc out. I did and I never regret it. I’ve been here waiting for you and pumping for about 2 hrs and look how massive I am. I think I’m even bigger than you. And you won’t believe how good it feels. Let me take it out and show you.” He wasn’t any longer than me but I have to admit he had me beat in girth. And his balls were so big and meaty. I needed to feel it, bouncing his meat in my hands to get the weight. Man I knew I had to do this. I had to keep growing.

Bill was watching us and I could tell he was just as turned on as the two of us. “Let me show you boys some real man-meat!” he said opening his pants. He was wearing gray spandex shorts for underwear, “I can’t fit all this in regular shorts so this spandex at least helps control it and I think they look really hot!” His cock and balls made an obscene bulge in the spandex. Everything was clearly outlined. Each ball was the size of a melon and his huge salami cock lying out on top of them must stretch the material to the limit.

“I’ve waited a long time to show you this, Donk, if you let me I’ll show you how to make yours just like it.” I couldn’t take my eyes off it. This guy I so much wanted to be like telling me he could do just that for me. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.

“Come on man; show me that huge fucking meat!!” My own cock fully hard swinging from its own weight and oozing pre-cum like a spigot. “Show me what I can become.” I realized the whole time I was talking I was yanking on Al’s bloated cock slick from all the pump lube. He was really getting off on the scene, fucking my hand as a jacked him. Bill and I could tell he was getting close enjoying the hand job and bulge show Bill was putting on for us. The dirty talk was sending him over the edge.

“Show us that monster meat, Bill, get it out and let it swing free.” Bill liked the talk too. We had always been so professional, doctor and patient. To some extent we still were but it was obvious the relationship was taking on new dimensions in more ways than one.

He pulled the mammoth meat out from its spandex cover and swung his hips back and forth the huge mound of flesh slapping loudly as it hit from side to side. Then changing direction it swung back to front grotesquely. Al moaned and shot his load spurt after spurt in Bill’s direction. “Now that you have finished with him come and feel the weight of this.”

I took hold of his 20-inch cock both hands wouldn’t reach around its girth. He was as excited as I was. His new protégée was handling his meat. With both his hands he stretched his balls full out down past his knee. Without touching it, my cock erupted all over both of us. “Fuck yeah you like this meat don’t you. Jack me with your cum, boy!”

I massaged that fuck pole with my cream and got him moaning before long. “You’re gonna make me cum boy, gonna make me blow my load. You want my load. Yeah, jack me fuckin off.” Both hands slammin up and down on that slab of meat. “Here I fuckin cummmmm.” His load came like a fire hose, just a steady stream of cum I know lasted for minutes. I pointed that hose of his at my chest and crotch and was literally covered in cum. So fucking hot. But the fun was just beginning.