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School will never be the same

From Metabods

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By Unknown

Jordan looked at himself in the locker room mirror, he was trying to psyche himself up for his match. He was not sure how he was able to get in State College, it was such a difficult school to get in, but somehow, a scout from there had seen him wrestle and found him worthy enough to be granted a full scholarship.

It was culture shock when he got there, Jordan was just over 6 ft, but he was toward over by the others on the Varsity and JV teams, he managed to eak on JV in the light division- it was the first match of the season.

He stared at himself, his strong, developed body tightly packed into his spandex suite- his could see the out line of his six pack abs and chest- he was rock hard- in more ways than one.

Jordan loved the felling of the spandex on his naked body, he went commando everytime he wrestled. The tight feeling on his body, the way it moved and felt on his skin- it made him hard thinking about it. He also loved having another guy wrestle with him- the feeling of another man on top of him, their sweating heaving bodies touching and moving against each other-it was almost like sex.

God, I'm a horny- he thought. Do I have time- Jordan glanced at the clock- he had 20 min. Good.

Jordan reached down to his crotch and started rubbing his unit through his spandex- it felt sooo good. It was like it was in someone's mouth- it felt warm and good, oh sooo good- he thought. He was rock hard, his hefty 9 inches bulged through his spandex. He looked down, it looked so hot to see his unit fully hard and pressed tightly against his tight spandex.

He slowly undid the top half of his spandex suit- beads of sweat dripped down his muscular and tight chest, he ran his hand down his naked chest down under his spandex and touched his rock hard unit, pre-cum was everywhere down there.

Images flashed through his mind -- buff, beefy guys wearing spandex- full suits, tights, spandex shirts, shorts, wresler's outfits -- anything spandex. Jordan's dream was to find a hot young buff guy like him who loved spandex as much as him and they could make hot passionate while wearing spandex.

He was raging hard -- he wanted to finish, but also he didn't. I wish I could stay hard, he thought.

Suddenly Jordan felt himself growing again. His hand shot up from under his spandex, what was going on? It felt like he was getting hard again, he he was hard. He looked down and saw his unit growing again- slowly at first.

Jordan felt both scared and aroused- he loved how his hard unit felt against the tight spandex, but it was growing.

It was now about a foot and a half long, the tight spandex held firm. His crotch was now elongated, like there was a baby arm in his shorts. Geez, what's going on? he thought.

He heard the bell -- the match was gonna start soon. Crap!

Jordan ducked in one of the showers, he couldn't go out there that hard.

He looked down again- it had grown again, this time to 3 feet. When did that happen? Jordan was fully erect with an arm in his pants. He had to think, but it was hard too -- such elation, such emotion going on -- he was horny and fully erect, the pleasure he felt was clouding his mind. That's it, keep growing, he thought.

As if his unit had heard him -- it grew and grew and grew. I was like an orgasm that was continuous, Jordan was moaning with sheer pleasure -- the sexual energy was building and growing in, don't stop, keep going.

Jordan missed the match, he did not care. He was in sheer heaven with his gi-normous cock.



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{Stories}{Huge Cock}{2004-11}{Unknown}


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