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My big fat gay story

From Metabods

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Jake was at his best friend Henry's house. His friend was a master cook, and not bad looking either. Six foot four, blond hair and stunning blue eyes, really big pecs (like slabs of lean steak meat with just enough chest hair, but not too much, eighteen inch biceps, six-pack abs (like a really good washboard, you could grate cheese on them!), striated legs, and a really sexy treasure trail that led to a thirteen-inch cock. Yeah, he was pretty damn hot for a sixteen-year-old. Henry was loved on both ends of the court, if you know what I mean. However, Henry had awlays wanted to seee if he could give someone else the same fortune. And fifteen-year-old Jake was his test subject.

Now, Jake, on the other hand, wasn't happy with his body at all. He weighed around two hundred and fifty pounds, most of it fat. But he carried it well, and he looked like a football player. But he hated sports, so he was "the fat kid". He was very self-conscious, and very embarrassed that he had a five inch dick. A far cry from Henry's, whom he had seen (and sucked) and envied on a constant basis. He actually had planned to watch the all-night horrorfest on late night TV, but Henry had invited him over for something to eat. Since Jake's parents were never home (and nothing good to eat was in the house) he accepted.

Henry was cooking up his specialty: a mouthwatering T-bone steak seasoned just right with salty French fries (steak cut) and broccoli with extra sharp cheddar cheese melted on top of it. It was Jake's favorite. Or at least until desert: a chocolate layer cake. The dinner was nothing special, Henry cooked it all the time. But the cake, oh, the cake, now that was going to be something really, really, special.

Henry looked at the bottle of pills to his right again, looking over the directions one last time. 'For maximum results, take three pills with food substance', read the container. The container had a label screaming, "Sex Drive! For a larger, hotter you." He took three pills and crushed them. He mixed the white powder into the cake batter, and, for good measure, added a powdered penis enlargement pill.

Two hours later, after Jake and Henry had both eaten dinner, Jake heard a timer ring. Jake's mouth went into a really wide smile. "You didn't, did you?" Henry made his eyes look innocent. "What? I didn't do anything, I swear it!" he teased. He got up, and, with a little swagger, strode into the kitchen and opened the oven. Immediately the overpowering aroma of freshly-baked Double Dutch chocolate layer cake filled the room. Jake closed his eyes and breathed deeply. To him, eating was almost like orgasmic sex: very good, and yet so very bad.

"I knew it, you made my favorite dessert for me! What's the occasion, dude?" asked Jake as he got up and walked straight into the kitchen.

"No occasion. I felt like cooking, that's all. And with Mom and Dad out of town, I thought I'd whip up your most favorite meals," Henry said with a smile, as he placed the two cakes on a cooling pan. He got the frosting from a cabinet, and five minutes later, the most decadent taste of heaven was in Jake's mouth. And no, I'm not talking about Henry'd dick (not yet, at least). Sorry, couldn't resist.

As Jake devoured half the cake, he began to feel a little funny in the head, like the room was spinning. "Man, what did you put in the cake, I'm getting dizzy…" he said in a spaced-out voice. Henry smiled wider. "It's a surprise, my friend. A little gift just for you."

Jake fell to the ground, writhing in pain and ecstasy. "Oh, man, this hurts, but it feels so good! What the fuck's happening!?"

As he spoke, his voice started to deepen, going from the girly high-pitched voice he had to a deep, sexy voice. Hair sprouted on his chin, and formed a little goatee. The fat from his apple cheeks shrank back, revealing cheekbones, which were incredibly sexy. His lips became fuller and more sensuous.

Then, the pills began to go into overdrive, as his chest expanded almost instantaneously, becoming huge erotic beef slabs, with dark hair sprouting in all the right places, not too little, not too much, but just right. His mountain of flab he referred to as his stomach shrank back, revealing muscles from endless hours of situps he thought did nothing. His jelly rolls tightened, and vanished as well. His love handles shrank into a taut midsection, defined, rigid. Hot. Jake's arms were next. The insignificant biceps that he had started to slowly grow, from golfballs, to baseballs, finally to softball-sized proportions, with his forearms following suit. Veins bulged everywhere throughout his arms, as if he had just finished a rigorous training session at the gym. What Henry was viewing was a wild fantasy, and he knew that from the sounds of Jake's sexual grunting, he was far more enjoying it than Henry was.

Jake's calves swelled up, although they were impressive already, from carrying more than 250 pounds every day for the past few years, except the fat shrank away and showed his muscle with more sharpness and depth. His quads grew larger, and sexier, while still retaining their sleek shape. Then the most magical part of the transformation began: Jake's cock.

Jake, whose clothes had ripped to shreds in the process, had begun to notice his hard dick was growing. He took off his boxer briefs, fearing that they would rip under the intense pressure that might occur. His rod bobbed in front of him with relief, already at 6, and slowly gaining half an inch every fifteen seconds. The veins elongated, the skin stretched, the head grew into the mushroom shape that Henry had. The dick was thicker than ever, now at 6 and a half inches. The full length, however, was unmeasurable for lack of a ruler, but Jake guessed a good eight inches had been added onto his dick, which he loved with all his heart. His balls had grown to tangerines, and hung lower than usual.

After the transformation was complete, Jake laid on his back, gasping and sweating at his experience. His cock, still hard, was leaking precusm ever so beautifully. He finally mustered the strenth to ask, "What happened?"

Henry appeared over him, smiling like a father smiles at his son. "I gave you some muscle enhancers, and a penis enlargement pill as well. I wanted you to be happy with how you looked, so I thought I would help you out."

Jake looked at him, with amore running much deeper than puppy love. "I love you, dude. You rock," he said weakly, before passing out from fatigue.



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