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Metabods caters to an specific segment of the erotic spectrum: erotic fantasies about and among men with enhanced and augmented bodies. The fantastically endowed, the impossibly muscled, the transformed, the multilimbed...the denizens of Metabods are men born of a special kind of fantasy.

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  1. More than expected‏‎ (30,039 views)
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  15. Big is better‏‎ (25,203 views)
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1.Mind and body
2.Miracle grow boys
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4.Musclove, texas
5.Justin (the bigger the better)
6.The dudes
8.Not just imagination
10.Max's wish
11.Gooed friends
14.Brad's big change
15.Hyper active imagination
16.Claves, the midnight marauder
17.Fantastic island
18.Second sight
19.Werewolf High
20.The minotaur equation

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