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Metabods caters to an specific segment of the erotic spectrum: erotic fantasies about and among men with enhanced and augmented bodies. The fantastically endowed, the impossibly muscled, the transformed, the multilimbed...the denizens of Metabods are men born of a special kind of fantasy.

IMPORTANT WARNING: This site contains descriptions and depictions of alternative sexualities. Please do not enter if this will offend you. If accessing such material causes you to break local laws, please leave now.

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Welcome to Metabods, currently home to 849 stories by 302 authors. Here's what's happening.


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    • Special thanks to John A., Keith M., Frank D., David L., James C., Nathan B., Kerry S., Simon W., Daniel G., Matthew P., Mark T., Timothy G., and John C. for their help and support!
  • FAQ: See the FAQ for background on the site and for questions like Why were the image galleries taken down?

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  25. Teen growth ‎(25,996 views)
  1. Being big ‎(25,889 views)
  2. Geno-type ‎(25,874 views)
  3. Charles's monster ‎(25,382 views)
  4. Danny gets big ‎(24,212 views)
  5. Blessing or curse ‎(24,130 views)
  6. Muscle flex ‎(24,032 views)
  7. Metaboi ‎(23,781 views)
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  12. True muscle god ‎(22,321 views)
  13. My roommate ‎(22,185 views)
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  17. Navy experiment ‎(20,239 views)
  18. Biological inheritance ‎(19,963 views)
  19. Hung like a... ‎(19,873 views)
  20. Freshman dreams ‎(19,792 views)
  21. Drug test ‎(19,615 views)
  22. King size ‎(18,977 views)
  23. The berries down by the creek ‎(18,729 views)
  24. The salt ‎(18,707 views)
  25. The shirtless club ‎(18,633 views)

For the whole list, see the complete page view rankings.

Note on Submissions

Metabods welcomes submissions. The vast majority of the 15 years of writing on Metabods is either my own or submitted freely to me, or shared with consent of the writers. We'd love to hear from you, since it's our readers who know better than anyone else the kinds of stories they'd like to see.

Submission form: I've reestablished a submission form, so you don't have to be a forum member to submit stories to me. The form is here.












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