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Category:Hyper Cock

From Metabods

Note: The tag "Hyper cock" applies to stories about guys with normal sized bodies (as opposed to giants) with cocks around 30 inches or more .. and the cock being that size is more than just incidental to the story. For cocks that are just really big, see Huge Cocks.

Most Popular Hyper Cock Stories

  1. Medicine show‏‎ (65,175 views)
  2. Bigger issues‏‎ (50,415 views)
  3. Magic cock‏‎ (49,539 views)
  4. Puberty is a bitch‏‎ (48,304 views)
  5. Above average‏‎ (46,247 views)
  6. Danny's dick‏‎ (38,997 views)
  7. Mutation‏‎ (33,767 views)
  8. Geno-type‏‎ (33,553 views)
  9. Lumberjacked‏‎ (31,826 views)
  10. Charles's monster‏‎ (29,088 views)
  11. Mustering up‏‎ (25,883 views)
  12. Supermen‏‎ (24,739 views)
  13. Biological inheritance‏‎ (21,506 views)
  14. The berries down by the creek‏‎ (20,378 views)
  15. Enhancement program‏‎ (18,638 views)
  1. Jeff's story‏‎ (17,791 views)
  2. Cock medication‏‎ (17,777 views)
  3. Male scent‏‎ (17,293 views)
  4. Small problems‏‎ (15,164 views)
  5. Forced growth‏‎ (15,102 views)
  6. Waking up huge‏‎ (14,129 views)
  7. Damian and the three muscleteens‏‎ (13,798 views)
  8. Transformation in the boundary waters‏‎ (13,770 views)
  9. Support line‏‎ (13,763 views)
  10. Seducers‏‎ (13,694 views)
  11. Claves, the midnight marauder‏‎ (13,521 views)
  12. Musclove, texas‏‎ (13,433 views)
  13. Rock and roll‏‎ (13,410 views)
  14. U4ia gym‏‎ (13,355 views)
  15. Carolina cock‏‎ (12,679 views)

See also the list of the most popular stories overall.



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